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Portland Nursery

August 2016

August 6-7, 2016

bonsai-creatingBonsai Basics

with Steve Mulvaney of Portland Nursery
Living art. Harmony. Discipline. Just a few words to describe the ancient practice of Bonsai. Come learn the basics with Steve Mulvaney of Portland Nursery. Steve has been practicing Bonsai for the last decade. His expertise will guide you through basics and on your way to being a Bonsai gardener!

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • August 6 • 1:00pm
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bambooBasics of Bamboo

with Ian Connor of Connor Bamboo
There is nothing like bamboo for grace and poetry year-round, but it can also be a point of contention with the neighbors if you do not control it appropriately. Ian Connor is a true expert in bamboo. Hear him share his knowledge of and enthusiasm for these mammoth grasses. This class is a must if you want to learn more about its diversity and habits.

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • August 7 • 1:00pm
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August 12-14, 2016

fuchsia168Fuchsia Society Show and Sale

Fuchsia Society Show and Sale.

5050 SE STARK • Fri.-Sun. • Aug. 12-14
Friday-Saturday: 9:00am-7:00pm, Sunday: 9:00am-2:00pm.

gardeningWhat to Do in the August Vegetable Garden.

with Robyn Streeter of Your Backyard Farmer
Join Robyn Streeter, of Your Backyard Farmer, for a great refresher on what to do in the veggie garden during the dog days of summer. She’ll cover composting tips and discuss what needs doing now for Fall and Winter crops.

9000 SE DIVISION • Saturday • August 13 • 11:00-12:30pm
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fuchsia168Growing Fuchsias

with Sue Randall of the Oregon Fuchsia Society
Fuchsias can be a great addition to your garden as they not only give us beautiful, showy flowers but can also attract our hummingbird friends. Come learn from Sue’s experience about fuchsias, specifically: planting tips, growing requirements, water needs, hardy versus annual, and container versus ground.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • August 13 • 1:00pm
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grassesOrnamental Grasses

with Abigail Pierce of Groundswell PDX
Ornamental grasses bring year round interest to your garden with their delightful textures and movement. Different selections offer drought tolerance, beautiful seed heads and evergreen foliage, so there is a grass for every garden spot! Come join Abigail Pierce of Groundswell Garden Design to learn about different types of grasses, when to prune them, and how to ready them for winter.

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • August 14 • 1:00pm
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August 20-21, 2016

irisIris Society Show and Sale

Iris Society Show and Sale.

5050 SE STARK • Sat.-Sun. • Aug. 20-21 • 9:00-4:00pm

wetlandsRecreating Native Wetlands in Backyard Rain Gardens and Bioswales

with Esteban Gatillo of Portland Nursery
Heavy rain inundates the city stormwater system causing dangerous overflows and potentially polluting our waterways. Filtering roof and surface runoff from our homes through backyard rain gardens helps slow water movement and can be a lovely decorative addition to any home landscape. Using natives promotes the diversity of native fauna and pollinators, and many native plants are drought tolerant which will reduce garden water use. This class will describe the best native plants to use in your rain garden and how/where in the elevation profile to plant flora to maximize their benefit on your landscape.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • August 20 • 1:00pm
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crownFlower Crowns

with Coco of Portland Nursery and Fawn Lily Farm
Come play with flowers and take home your own fabulous flower crowns! In this class, all the supplies you need to fashion one fresh floral crown and one dried floral crown will be provided. Let’s get crafty and learn about the lovely blooms of summer. Fresh crowns will feature dazzling dahlias, zinnias and sunflowers. Dried crowns will incorporate strawflower, feverfew, sage and more so you can enjoy the delights of summer all year round! Limit 10 participants.

Class Fee: $10

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • August 21 • 1:00pm
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August 27-28, 2016

insectsuperheroInsect Superheroes

with Claudia Groth of Portland Nursery
Don’t go it alone in your fight against garden pests—enlist the help of “good guy” bugs that hunt down pests that plague your plants. Join Claudia of Portland Nursery to find out how to create a garden that attracts these insect superheroes to do the dirty work of pest control for you!

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • August 27 • 1:00pm
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geranium2Overwintering Tender Perennials

with Rhiannon Lefay of Portland Nursery
Many of the annuals sold in nurseries are actually perennials in warmer climates. It can be sad when the weather turns and a beloved plant is lost to the cold. With the right actions taken, it’s possible to overwinter many plants that would otherwise not survive our winters. Join Megan Porter of Portland Nursery to learn about overwintering techniques for some favorite tender perennials.

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • August 28 • 1:00pm
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