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Portland Nursery

July 2014

All classes are an hour long unless otherwise noted

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July 5-6, 2014

junegardenWhat to Do in the July Veggie Garden

with Your Backyard Farmer
Join Donna and Robyn of Your Backyard Farmer, for a great refresher on what to do in the veggie garden for the month of July. They will cover topics such as seeding and planting seasonal crops, what to harvest, methods of planting, combating weeds, and organic techniques for dealing with various undesirable pests that might be invading your garden.

9000 SE DIVISION • Saturday • July 5 • 11:00-12:30pm
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gardentourPortland Nursery Gardens Summer Tour

With Sandra Adams and Minh Pham
Portland Nursery’s garden caretakers and designers
Who doesn’t love a good garden tour? We always get questions about the plants in our plantings around the parking lot and within the nursery, and unfortunately sometimes our identifying tags just walk away. This will be the first of our seasonal tours of the gardens with Sandra, doyenne of dirt and an exemplar of our passion for plants. Watch our gardens develop with time and the seasons as we try out new plants and feature old favorites. Please wear weather-appropriate clothing!

Meet at 11 AM in Greenhouse 1

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • July 6 • 11:00am

pollinatorAttracting Pollinators to the Garden

with Brenda Lee Calvert from Halfmoon Farm
Brenda joins us to talk about what home gardeners can do to help support a diverse community of pollinators to their yards.

She’ll suggest plants that provide abundant nectar, pollen, and larvae food. She’ll also talk about gardening techniques that support pollinator health and describe some of the fascinating and helpful pollinators that you, too, can admire in your garden.

9000 SE DIVISION • Sunday • July 6 • 11:00-12:30pm

hopsHops and More: The Brewer’s Garden

with Trever Bass of Hopworks Urban Brewery (rescheduled)
Everyone knows that hops are a big part of the recipe for beer, contributing bittering and antibacterial action to delicate floral aromas -- and a wide range of hop cultivars have been developed for use in different styles. But hops are far from being the only botanical used in beer. From historical unhopped recipes for gruits and heather beers, to fresh spruce-tip beers and modern experiments with herbal and fruit additions, brewer Trever Bass will give a rundown of some of the exciting beer styles homebrewers might make using plants from their own backyards.

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • July 6 • 1:00pm
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

herbschefbrophyHerbs: Loving my Onions

with Chef Dan Brophy
Enjoy an evening of delicious recipes with Chef Dan Brophy. Tonight’s demonstrations and tastings will explore the Alliums: leeks, shallots, garlic chives, chives and garlic. Learn the basics of this indispensable family to cuisine. Recipes will include pickled onions, shallot mignonette, green onion omelet, new potato salad, and potato-leek soup.

Note weeknight evening time.

5050 SE STARK • Wednesday • July 9 • 5:30pm
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July 12-13, 2014

teatimetreatTeatime Treats from the Garden

with Maggie Stuckey
You’ve made the garden lovely, now’s the time to enjoy it with company! Wear your best garden party hat and Maggie will share samples and ideas to feature the garden’s flavors and colors in your teatime treats. Stop to smell and taste the flowers in the company of friends.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • July 12 • 1:00pm
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moongardenThe Romance of Moon Gardens

with Carmen Jarrell
Step outside into your garden and smell the night-blooming flowers, gaze on the white blossoms luminescent in the dusk. This full moon is a great time to re-imagine the nocturnal side of your garden, to create a tableau of sensory delights for after dark. Carmen will share design tips and plant lists for an enchanting moon garden.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • July 12 • 3:00pm
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moderngardenIntro to Modern Gardens, Northwest Style

with Katie Gwynn of Portland Nursery
The clean, spare and bold shapes and lines of modern garden design are popular in west coast gardens and can be used to great effect in smaller yards to create serene, striking spaces. Katie will talk about the basics of the style and how Pacific Northwest gardeners are adapting it to our particular climate and materials palette.

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • July 13 • 1:00pm
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July 19-20, 2014

succulentsCactus & Succulent Society Show & Sale

Annual Cactus & Succulent Society Sale.

5050 SE STARK • Friday - Sunday • July 18-20 • 9:00-7:00pm

weirdplantscactusWeird Plants: Cactus and Succulents

with Luther Sturtevant of Kara Cactus
Wanna see some strange plants? Meet the succulents! Their charismatic and diverse paddles, spines, bumps and lumps can make interesting houseplants or additions to the garden. Luther will introduce you to a cast of odd and lovely plants and describe how to keep them healthy. This coincides with the Portland Cactus Society’s plant sale at Portland Nursery so if one of these oddballs knocks your socks off, you may find a neat specimen to take home, too!

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • July 19 • 11:00am
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espalieredtreesFruit Tree Espalier Training and Maintenance

with Monica Maggio of Core Home Fruit
Espaliered trees are a great way to fit fruit into smaller spaces, and can look fantastic as a structural element in the garden. But the trees don’t grow that way naturally! Learn from Monica the basics of espalier pruning and training to make sure your tree lives up to its potential.

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • July 20 • 11:00am
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pestsControlling Pests/Diseases in the Vegetable Garden Organically

with Claudia Groth, The Garden Doctor
Join Claudia Groth, The Garden Doctor, to learn great techniques and products to use for controlling pests and diseases in your landscape. Claudia will discuss various organic solutions for the most common issues found in the garden. She will also discuss great ways to prevent infestations and infections before they begin, and how to help ensure their survival.

9000 SE DIVISION • Sunday • July 20 • 11:00-12:30pm
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privacybambooUsing Plants to Create Privacy

with Magi Treece of Living Structures
By hiding unsightly views or creating a cozy private space, living screens beautifully solve common problems of the urban garden. Magi has years of experience in landscape design and will share some creative options outside the usual candidates for your space.

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • July 20 • 1:00pm
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

herbschefbrophyHerbs: A Look at the Carrot Family

with Chef Dan Brophy
This summer evening, Chef Brophy introduces herb members of the carrot family: fennel, dill, chervil and lovage. Gain a new perspective on these underutilized herbs. The demonstrations and tastings will include fennel and orange salad, carrots and fresh dill, artichoke hash, yogurt lovage dressing, and fresh fines herbes.

Note weeknight evening time.

5050 SE STARK • Wednesday • July 23 • 5:30pm
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July 26-27, 2014

orchid168Orchid Society Sale & Pot Up

Orchid Society Sale & Pot Up.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • July 26 • 10:00-4:00pm

clippersTool Sharpening & Fundraiser

Come out July 26th from 9am-4pm to help us support our community and get your tools sharpened in one stop!

Brian from 1 Sharptool-Edge Service will be at our Stark location sharpening tools to help raise money for the Sauvie Island Center, an organization that helps to educate kids about food, farming and the land.

Brian does anything from rusty pruners to the finest of laminated steel knives.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • July 26 • 10:00-4:00pm

cottagegardenCreating Cozy Cottage Gardens

with Corina Reynolds-Stearns of Portland Nursery
Do you dream of multicolored hollyhocks and roses, lavender, pinks, thyme and clematis massing casually in the dooryard, fluttering with butterflies, and arching over the garden gate? Perhaps your house (or garden) style just begs for the English country treatment. Corina will talk about the history and traditional plant and design vocabulary of cottage gardens, make some recommendations for our area, and share tips on how to achieve the informal and full look of a classic cottage garden.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • July 26 • 1:00pm
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smallspacegardenSmall Space Gardening

with Paul Taylor, OCNP
You CAN get a beautiful landscape with seasonal interest in a small space! Go home with ideas on how to select and arrange plants for small gardens from the inspiring Paul Taylor.

Paul Taylor is an award winning designer of elegant and straight forward landscapes. He’ll draw on his experience to help you analyze your site to get the most enjoyment out of it – no matter the size of the space!

9000 SE DIVISION • Sunday • July 27 • 1:00-2:00pm
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mushrooms168Getting Started with Mushroom Cultivation

with Ryan Woolverton of Soul 2 Grow
Curious about mushrooms and how to grow them? Ryan will cover introductory mushroom cultivation topics including growing mushrooms on logs and in the ground, and the importance of saprophytic and mycorrhizal fungi in the garden. Ryan has been studying, hunting and cultivating mushrooms for the last decade in the PNW and is enthusiastic about sharing what he knows.

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • July 27 • 1:00pm
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