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Portland Nursery

November 2016

All classes are an hour long unless otherwise noted

Print out a November class list for Division

Plan ahead for December - Schedule a Wreath Making Party



Schedule a Wreath Making Party

Start a new tradition by scheduling a personal wreath making party with your friends and family. Set aside a date to do something creative and fun together -- for your own home or as a gift!

Plan on 1-2 hours of instructed time learning a new craft in our wreath making workshop. The $30 fee covers basic materials for one wreath with custom bow. Dress warmly and bring gloves and pruners if you have them.

Daily from November 25th – December 18th. Time Slots are 10:00am, 12:30pm and 3:00pm.

Gather 5-10 folks together and then contact us to schedule at the location of your choice with your preferred date and time slot.

9000 SE Division St. location:
Email division-classes@portlandnursery.com or call 503-788-9000.

5050 SE Stark St location:
Email stark-classes@portlandnursery.com or call 503-231-5050.

November 5-6, 2016

nativegardeningGardening with Native Plants

with Linda Hardison, Director of Oregon Flora Project
Learn about native plants, what constitutes a 'native', and how they can be used in cultivated settings. We will explore the resources offered by the Oregon Flora Project and how they can inform native plant gardening choices and design through lecture and slideshow.

The Oregon Flora Project is a comprehensive resource about the native and naturalized plants of our state that grow in nature. Through its Flora book, wildflower identification app, Facebook page, and the oregonflora.org website, users can find photos, maps, and details about Oregon's plants, including garden species and where to purchase them.

Volume One of Flora of Oregon will be available for purchase at $75 in class directly from instructor, cash or check written to BRIT press preferred.

9000 SE DIVISION • Saturday • November 5 • 11:00-12:30pm
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batsBats and the Urban Gardener

with Leslie Rodman-Jaramillo
What's happening with Oregon's bat populations? What kinds of bats are you likely to see near your garden at night, and how can you encourage them to swoop through your airspace (and eat your bugs)? Researcher Leslie will talk about ways the urban gardener can appreciate and support these nocturnal visitors. She'll also provide information on how to build bat boxes and where they are appropriate to install.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • November 5 • 1:00pm
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coldframesWinter in the Vegetable Garden

with Marc Scheidecker
Your garden needs a good foundation, just like your house. Though it seems like winter should be time off for a gardener, it is the best time to work on your garden’s foundation. There is a lot of planning, planting, and preparing that can and should be done in winter. Marc Scheidecker, a year round, full time gardener, will cover soil preparation, cold frames and trellises that will be needed in the spring. Join us in laying a good foundation for next year’s garden.

9000 SE DIVISION • Sunday • November 6 • 1:00-2:30pm
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teatimetreatGrow and Process Your Own Backyard Tea

Renee Stoops of Portland Nursery and Elizabeth Miller of Minto Island Tea
Did you know that tea plants grow really well in Oregon?! Join Portland Nursery employee Renee Stoops and Oregon's first tea farm owner Elizabeth Miller for a fun exploration of tea. Learn the best growing practices for tea plants and the multiple functions they can perform in your landscape designs. We'll also introduce you to the basics of how to harvest, prepare, and process green, oolong, and black teas at home. Sample 4 types of brewed organic tea from Minto Island Tea Company.

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • November 6 • 1:00pm
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November 12-13, 2016

habitatBackyard Habitats

with Nicky West of the Audubon Society of Portland
Learn how to make your yard a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife! The Backyard Habitat Certification Program is an effort in the Portland Metro area that supports residents that want to create habitat that invites and supports pollinators and wildlife in their yard. Support includes site visits, technical assistance, discounts and incentives that build real habitat, while connecting urban residents to their yards, to local ecology, and to broader conservation initiatives. We will go into depth on the key elements for building great habitat like identifying and removing invasive species, planting native plants, pesticides reduction and wildlife stewardship. From simple to elaborate – learn how to attract more species diversity, which berry-producing shrubs are bird favorites, and how to naturally provide 3 seasons of nectar for hummingbirds. Get inspired to attract more birds to your backyard.

9000 SE DIVISION • Saturday • November 12 • 11:00-12:30pm
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macramehangerBasic Macrame Plant Hanger

Katie Davis of Portland Nursery
With a couple of simple knots and some jute twine, you can make a decorative hanger to get your plant off the valuable table space, out of the reach of mischievous puppies and kittens, and into the light of the window. Throwback to the seventies? We don't care, it works, and it's fun to do. $5 materials fee, we'll make a hanger for a standard 6" or 8" pot. Limited to 10.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • November 12 • 1:00pm
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seedstartingJumpstart Your Propagation Skills

with Marc Scheidecker
Vegetable gardening, and the self sufficiency it brings, can be deeply satisfying! Increase the satisfaction by starting your vegetables from seed. Winter is a time to start many of our vegetables indoors or in a greenhouse. When we plant our seeds our garden begins! It is also, as Steve Solomon said, the single most important, and the trickiest skill to learn. This class will cover seeds, a simple nursery set up and more. A thorough check list will be distributed at the class by the instructor – a full time, year round gardener.

9000 SE DIVISION • Sunday • November 13 • 1:00-2:30pm
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paperwhitesThe Magic of Paperwhites

Katie Davis of Portland Nursery
Forcing paperwhites is an easy way to add life and fragrance to your home around the holidays! These lovely flowers can be rustic or elegant, depending how you deploy them. Bring your 6" diameter watertight vessel (or come early and buy one) and we will pot up some bulbs to grow through the winter in your home. Think wide mouth glass jars and/or bowls, glass or ceramic. Three bulbs will be provided and they fit in a vessel with a 6" diameter. Bring in more than one container if diameters are smaller. $10 materials fee. Limited to 10.

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • November 13 • 1:00pm
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November 19-20, 2016

succulentbowlPlant Your Own Mixed Succulent Dish

with Tiffany Garner, Portland Nursery
Bring gardening and planting fun indoors for the chilly season in this hands-on planting workshop. Portland Nursery staff member, Tiffany Garner, will guide the group through a creative hour of selecting, arranging & planting indoor succulents to display in a sunny, indoor spot. All materials provided. Cost: $30 (pay at register on day of class).

9000 SE DIVISION • Saturday • November 19 • 11:00-12:30pm
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bittersandtincturesBitters and Tinctures

Coco Brooks of Fawn Lily Farm
Expand your apothecary with DIY bitters and tinctures. Learn about the many benefits of these herbal infusions and how to create your own from locally sourced or homegrown herbs! Spice up your holiday drinks with festive bitters and keep yourself healthy this winter with immune boosting tinctures. In this class we will create our own herbal infusions that you can take home and enjoy. Class fee is $15 - this covers your herbs, alcohol, jar and recipes. Limited to 10.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • November 19 • 1:00pm
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thanksgivingThanksgiving Floral Arrangements

with Jolie Donohue, Gardening Goddess.
Create your own fresh and beautiful floral arrangement with Jolie Donohue, Gardening Goddess. In this hands-on workshop, you will make and take home a wonderful centerpiece for your thanksgiving table. She will guide you through the process of making a table centerpiece that is unique to you and guaranteed to bring cheer into your home! All materials are included in the class fee. Feel free to bring your own special decorative elements to add to your centerpiece.

Cost: $30 (pay at register on day of class). Bring gloves and pruners. Limited to 12.

9000 SE DIVISION • Sunday • November 20 • 1:00-2:30pm
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wintergardenPlants for Lovely Winter Gardens

with Magi Greece of Living Structures
The grey months don't have to be barren ones in your home garden! Magi, a talented and experienced garden designer, will share plant and design ideas for keeping it interesting with color, form and texture all winter long. It's not all conifers and evergreens - think berries, bark, and winter flowers for lively scenes outside your windows.

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • November 20 • 1:00pm
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wreathmakingWreathmaking workshop

Portland Nursery Staff
Learn to turn a form and our lovely selection of greens into a unique and eye-catching wreath for your door this year! Portland Nursery staff will supply the technical know-how, you bring your own special style, your gloves and pruners. We will make a 12" wreath with fresh greens and other decoration. Dress warmly! There is a $30 materials fee for this class. Limited to 10.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • November 26 • 12:30pm
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5050 SE STARK • Sunday • November 27 • 12:30pm
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