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September 2014

All classes are an hour long unless otherwise noted

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Wednesday September 3, 2014

herbschefbrophyInternational Basil Roundup

with Chef Dan Brophy
Explore the diversity and variety of basil. The focus will be on international application for fresh basil. Demonstrations and tasting to include: tomato basil sauce with pasta; soup au pistou; ricotta, basil and olive salad; Thai style salad rolls; panzanella; lemon basil pesto.

5050 SE STARK • Wednesday • September 3 • 5:30-7:00pm
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Weekend of September 6 - 7, 2014

cloverWhat to do in the September Veg Garden: Cover Crops

With Donna & Robyn of Your Backyard Farmer
Give yourself the gift of a healthy spring garden! Discover the benefits of cover cropping and sheet mulching with Donna & Robyn of Your Backyard Farmer. They will discuss the “how, when and why” of using cover crops to get your garden ready for spring. They will talk about what cover crops are best used in each season, the benefits and differences between the different types of cover crops, as well as some specific techniques for optimal success.

9000 SE DIVISION • Saturday • September 6 • 11:00-12:30pm
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habitatRain Gardens in the City

Come and learn how to properly disconnect your downspouts, build a rain garden with suitable plants, and get a discount on your water bill. Professionals from the City of Portland will share their expertise with you.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • September 6 • 1:00pm
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veggarden168Growing in Gardening Wisdom: Planning and Preparing

Gardening wisdom involves the ability to make sound judgments, based on accurate knowledge in many different areas and then to use this to successfully solve problems, avoid pitfalls and to reach our goals. In medieval Europe, cultivating this wisdom was called the pursuit of "tilth." Later, tilth came to be used to describe the structure and quality of soil. This class centers on developing a garden journal and planting some seeds, or garlic cloves, to take home.

9000 SE DIVISION • Sunday • September 7 • 11:00-12:30pm
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redleafjapmaple168Pruning Japanese Maples

with David Pell of Quiet Man Garden & Tree Care
Japanese maples make a lovely centerpiece or accent element, adding character, color, and elegance to a garden. Learn the lore of pruning them appropriately to enhance their health and appearance.

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • September 7 • 1:00pm
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hopsHops for the Homebrewer

with Dave Wills of Freshops
Dave Wills of Freshops will help you understand the different hop varieties available to home growers.

Learn how to select, plant, train, maintain and ultimately harvest your own hops! Dave will offer suggestions on which hops to use for various beer styles and bring samples for you to scratch-and-sniff!

9000 SE DIVISION • Sunday • September 7 • 1:00-2:30pm
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Weekend of September 13 - 14, 2014

tulipsPlanting Bulbs Now for Spring Blooms

Brighten your garden using stunning Spring-blooming bulbs with the help of award winning garden designer, Paul Taylor. Paul will discuss selecting bulbs for different light and soil conditions and how to go about preparing the soil before planting. He will share some of his favorite bulb combinations for Spring interest and the best varieties for containers and cut flowers. Paul will demonstrate layering techniques for a big impact and raffle off the finished product to one lucky student!

9000 SE DIVISION • Saturday • September 13 • 1:00-2:00pm
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terrarium168Create a Terrarium

with Genevieve Layman Terrariums are where horticulture meets diorama building! Learn to create a little ecosystem in a glass case and how to keep it healthy. Genevieve will talk about materials, lighting, moisture, and choosing the right plants, and demonstrate ways to make it extra personal and fun.

$30 materials fee, and take home your own magical green scene. Class limited to 10 people.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • September 13 • 1:00pm
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redleafjapmaple168Japanese Maple Pruning

Join Holly Beare of Eshraghi Nurseries to learn how to make the right cuts to keep your Japanese Maples happy and healthy. Holly will provide information for homeowners on how to prune and shape their trees, seasonal needs, and troubleshooting tips. She will also go over the basics of using and caring for your pruning tools. If you have purchased a Japanese maple before the class, or want to bring in your own potted maple from home to work on, please bring your own hand pruners, small pruning saw, and gloves. We will provide disinfectant for pruners.

9000 SE DIVISION • Sunday • September 14 • 11:00-12:30pm
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succulentsMake Your Own Sedum Pot

with Carmen Jarrell
Join us for this fun hands-on workshop to make an easy-care container for a sunny spot! Fun and forgiving sedums and succulents lend themselves to creative whimsy in pot selection. Learn the basics of keeping them happy – but mostly just have fun and take home your own creation!

$30 materials fee. Class limited to 10 people

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • September 14 • 1:00pm
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Wednesday of September 17, 2014

seniorgardening168Senior Gardening Day

Sponsors Home Instead and Portland Nursery team up every year to bring
a variety of hands-on activities and special gardening demonstrations
aimed at the elder gardeners of our community.

Tables are set up under cover surrounded
by beautiful and blooming displays.
Relax, visit with friends and enjoy refreshments. Pot up crocus bulbs,
make lavender sachets and learn about fall container gardening

9000 SE DIVISION • Wednesday • September 17, 2014 • 1:00-3:00pm

rosemaryDominant Herbs from Your Garden: Rosemary, Savory, Sage and Oregano

with Chef Dan Brophy
Demonstrations and tastings to include: Herb fritatta with zucchini, sage oat cakes, lamb, garlic and rosemary skewers, zahtar, hazelnut sage ramekins.

5050 SE STARK • Wednesday • September 17 • 5:30-7:00pm
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Weekend of September 20 - 21, 2014

irisIris Society Show and Sale

Iris Society Show and Sale.

5050 SE STARK • Fri.-Sun. • Sept. 20-21 • 9:00-4:00pm

ImpactNWLogoImpact NW Summer Garden Party

Impact NW’s Annual Garden Party is a delightful fundraiser at the Portland Nursery on SE Division where guests enjoy all the best the Northwest has to offer. The Garden Party features delicious cuisine from Vibrant Table Catering & Events, a beautiful garden setting, live and silent auctions, local wines and craft beers.

Most importantly, the Garden Party is an opportunity for business and community leaders and caring individuals to come together to support Impact NW’s mission to help people prosper through a community of support.


We hope you can join us! Get your tickets here.

9000 SE DIVISION • Saturday • September 20, 2014

cover cropsCover Crops

with Ian Wilson of Portland Edible Gardens
Come learn the many benefits and joys of growing cover crops in your home garden! Learn to select the right cover crop(s) for your space and needs, when and how to sow your seeds, and what to do with your cover crop in the spring. We will also discuss mulching and other garden winterization techniques.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • September 20 • 1:00pm
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seedsSeed Saving

with Boondockers Farm
Evan and Rachel take a break from farming to share their knowledge of saving seeds with us. Learn how to select and save your own seed from your favorite heirloom vegetables at home!

Saving your own seeds to propagate and grow yourself lets you control their quality and keep unwanted pesticides out of the garden. Discover the proper timing, techniques and benefits of saving seeds so you can get started!

9000 SE DIVISION • Sunday • September 21 • 11:00-12:30pm
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with Jock from Iseli Nursery

Those spiral shrubs, the lollipops, cones, truffula trees and other green sculptures are called topiary -- an old art form that can bring formality or whimsy to a garden. But as a living craft, they need to be maintained, or they'll revert back to ordinary ol' shrubs. And now is a good time to do it!

Jock Demme of Iseli Nursery (source of some of our favorite exciting conifers) will share information on the shaving, shearing and overall shaping of these specimens. Could topiary be the next hot craft trend in Portland? Come find out if it's the art for you.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • September 21 • 11:00am

grass168Organic Lawn Care in the Fall

with Brad Zimmerman of E.B. Stone
Come enjoy an effective and healthy approach to fertilizing your lawn in the autumn. Brad will focus on organic methods of lawn care.

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • September 21 • 1:00pm
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Thursday September 25, 2014

houseplantPCC Class: GRN273 Interior Plants

with Melissa A Bierman
Focuses on identification of interior plants commonly used in therapeutic horticulture programming, houseplants as leisure/hobby, and interior plant-scaping. Covers cultural requirements, pests, diseases, propagation and interior use. Audit available.

Interior plant identification skills are basic for many professionals including therapeutic horticulture professionals, activity directors, life enrichment coordinators, and the horticulture/landscape industry. Designers of healthful, supportive living environments benefit from interior plant knowledge. The general public is encouraged to learn and apply the benefits of houseplants for healthy living. The focus will be on interior plants used in residential, commercial, and therapeutic applications. Knowledge of care and culture of plant material is necessary for workers in retail nursery centers, retail and wholesale greenhouses, interior plantscaping companies, and in therapeutic horticulture associated with a range of care facilities serving all ages. Houseplant care is an important part of the recreational/hobby activity for people of all ages.

For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide. Credits: 3. Fees: $18.00

9000 SE DIVISION • Thursdays • Sepember 25-December 4 • 1:00-4:50pm
Link to sign up on PCC Website.

Weekend of September 27 - 28, 2014

mushrooms168Mushroom Cultivation Made Easy

Come and join Tony McMigas, Cultivation Group Co-Chair of the Oregon Mycological Society, and owner of McMigas Family Farm, on a mycological adventure. You will learn how mushrooms grow and more importantly, how to grow your own! Learn how to grow mushrooms on straw, logs, and in a perennial patch of wood chips. Starter kits will be available for purchase at the class, for $20.00 each. Cash or check to instructor.

9000 SE DIVISION • Saturday • September 27 • 11:00am-12:30pm

grapesIsn't it GRAPE?!

with Minka Wallace
Join master gardener and performance artist Minka Wallace for a special grape testing that includes some some silly games. Sample all kinds of delicious grapes, learn a few things about grape care, and play some games while we're at it. Children are especially encouraged to participate -- or bring your childlike spirit and you shall be rewarded!

$5.00 per person; $15.00 per family.

5050 SE STARK • Saturday • September 27 • 1:00pm
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containerWelcome Fall with a Seasonal Container

Learn how to create a vibrant container that really speaks to the season with our landscape designer, Terrie Burdette. Learn by doing as Terrie guides you in selecting and planting your own combination of plants featuring the colorful beauty of fall. Go home with a gorgeous custom container and the skills to keep it happy for maximum enjoyment.

Class fee: $25 (all materials included). Limited to 15. Please bring gloves and a trowel.

9000 SE DIVISION • Sunday • September 28 • 11:00-12:30pm
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fruittreeappleHarvesting Fruit Trees

with Monica Maggio of Core Home Fruit
It is getting to be that crucial time in your fruit tree season: harvest time! Monica will talk about how to properly harvest and store commonly planted fruit, like apples and pears, so you can get the best use from your harvest. She will also discuss some of the best varieties for the Pacific Northwest – start getting warmed up for Apple Tasting!

5050 SE STARK • Sunday • September 28 • 1:00pm
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