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Fall at Portland Nursery

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In the Nursery


Roses are in!

Bare root roses started arriving this month and we've been potting them up just for you! All of our roses are sold in pots, rather than bare-root, which protects their roots from breaking and drying out. Our best selection is in March and April. Call ahead for availability of specific roses to make sure they have arrived.

On our rose page you'll find tips for planting and disease control as well as this year's buying guide. On our Rose page, you'll see how roses are classified and examples of each.


Classes at the Nursery

You can read more about classes all the way into March! on our Classes Page.

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Mason Bees are In!

It's a great time to be starting a Mason Bee house! We have all the supplies you'll need, including the Bees!

Need more information? Our partner Crown Bees has a wealth of information on their website.


At the Nursery

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Suet Sale


$.99 each when you buy 12 or more. Mix and Match any of the four pictured. (Nature's Nuts High Energy, Heath Berry Blast, Heat Bird's Blend, Heath Peanut Crunch). Reg. $1.99ea. Excludes other brands in stock.

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Blueberries are in!

Plan your fruit garden! We provide our Buyers' Lists each year so that you can decide on which fruit and nut varieties you would like for your garden. Small Fruits and Berries start arriving in mid-February to mid-March. Call to check if the trees you want are available.


Plant Features


Seed Starting at Home

It’s the middle of winter, but we gardeners are itching to get digging. It’s easy to get excited when all the spring seed catalogs start arriving! But how practical is growing from seed vs. buying starts? It depends on how much time and space you want to dedicate. Growing from seed can save lots of money in the long run, but it requires a bit more work.

passionflowerline Container Design

Container Design for January

Brighten up your desk with “Your Own Corner of Paradise!” We used the Envirogro desktop plant light which directs light right onto the beach scene. Now you AND your plants can escape the winter doldrums – Happy New Year!

Your Own Container of Paradise

Designed at Portland Nursery using these plants:

1. Nephthytis Arrowhead Plant
2. Soleirolia soleirolii Baby’s Tears
3. Peperomia orba Pixie Peperomia
4. Blue sand to represent water
Container seated on the Envirogro desktop plant light.

passionflowerline moss

Here in the Pacific Northwest we live in the land of moss. There are over 700 species of mosses in the area! Our feature for January features our favorite varieties. Read more...