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Baskets of Colorful Begonias!

The spring months are a good time to be planting your containers and our Container Page has all you need to create spectacular splashes of color for your deck or patio. Start with a beautiful Begonia as the star (thriller) of your basket! We are stocked with annuals including tray-pack Snapdragons, tender two-inch Fuchsias, basket stuffers and Zonal Geraniums. From April through June, you'll find our most abundant selection of annuals.

Surround it with a filler like a two-inch, upright fuchsia and then fill the remainder with a spiller such as Sedum 'Ogon.' Use each of the plants—in various proportions—taking care to balance colors and textures. We have selections of a rainbow of colors in each. Visit our Begonia Feature Page for more information on varieties and care.

A single Begonia can also be a stunning addition as a pot or hanging basket. We have several already potted up for you! Visit our Container Page for suggestions to create a Thriller-Spiller-Filler pot-up or come in, select your plants and we'll help you pot them up!



Visit our container design pages for planting ideas.
Know before you grow
Cutworms on the Attack!

Cut worms are starting to appear this month as the soil temps rise. The main way to decide if you have cutworm or slug damage is if the plants are mowed down like someone stomped through your garden at night, it’s probably cutworm.

Go out at night with a flashlight to check as most of the damage is nocturnal. Beneficial Nematodes can help with the problem although soil temp is restrictive. Above 49°F is optimal. Another natural spray would be anything that contains Spinosad which is a bacteria originally discovered in the soil of an abandoned rum distillery.

Check out the blog All About Growing Tomatoes for tips on protecting your Tomato Plants from cutworms (and many more helpful articles on growing tomatoes).

Featured Events & Classes
Neither of our locations will be having classes in May.
New classes will begin again in June.

See our Classes Page for all CLASS DESCRIPTIONS & DETAILS.

Get to Know Your Lettuce Varieties (10 spots left open)
9000 SE DIVISION • Sunday • April 19 • 11:00-12:30pm
Click here to register for this class.

Chrysanthemum Society Sale
5050 SE STARK • Saturday • May 16 • 9:00-3:00pm

Fuchsia Society Show and Sale
9000 SE DIVISION • Saturday • May 16 • 9:00am - 3:00pm


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