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Portland Nursery

Plants at Portland Nursery

Portland Nursery is all about plants

We bring the best of the Northwest to you.

Green, gold, prickly or flowery, we love them all. We strive to bring you the best selection and quality of plants and to provide the most information and service that can be found anywhere.

Northwest Growers

We proudly support local Northwest growers by buying most of our plants from nurseries in Oregon and Washington. Our local growers cultivate all of the best new plant varieties and the have the highest quality standards anywhere.

The Northwest is home to many innovative plant breeders as well, who offer nationally coveted new varieties every year. Showcasing their brilliance is our passion.

Our Plant Pages

We've organized our plants in to sections that we think will most benefit you and your choices for your garden. In each section, we present our favorites, some tips for planting and culture information.

Helpful Guides for Year-round Gardening


Specialty Pages



The art of Bonsai has been a tradition for many centuries & adds elegance to any garden. We make it easy to learn with plants, tools and classes.

Container Gardens


Whether you like to do it yourself, need something quick, or would like a custom professional container design, we have you covered.

Combo Plantings


Our combo design pages will get you started with simple, fresh ideas for combining plants in your perennial garden or that hard to fill spot!


Annuals, Perennials and Groundcovers



Annuals are the work horses of the flower world and the divas of dramatic landscapes. With annuals you get instant wow!



Whether you have a container to fill or a landscape to decorate we will have a perennial to spice things up.



Groundcovers are organized according to requirements: shade and sun, evergreen, paths and drought tolerant.


Roses, Shrubs & Vines and Bulbs & Seeds



Each year, we carry more than 300 varieties of roses. Stock begins in January; complete the beginning of March.

Shrubs & Vines


Each year, we carry more than 300 varieties of roses. Stock begins in January; complete the beginning of March.

Bulbs & Seeds


Bulb and seed favorites include fragrant lilies, enormous Dahlias, regal Gladiolus, hummingbird-attracting Crocosmia and more.


Grasses & Bamboo, Natives and Trees

Grasses & Bamboo


Grasses are a great choice to add structure, color and movement to any garden style as focal points or accents.

Northwest Natives


Our list of Native flora primarily originates from the Willamette Valley and often specifically from the Portland area.



Sourcing from northwest growers supports our local economy and provides us with trees better adapted to our climate.


Edibles and Houseplants

Vegetables & Herbs


Vegetables and herbs include common varieties, heirlooms, medicinal herbs and edibles, and a diverse organic selection.

Fruits & berries


We carry fruit bearing trees, shrubs, and vines. We begin ordering in the winter months with early arrivals in February.



Houseplants include all the standards plus Bonsai, orchids, cacti and succulents. Unique pots to add to your decor.