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ABUTILON: Flowering Maple

This unique easy care, tropical looking plant provides lots of color for your garden with pendant bell-shaped flowers and dramatic maple shaped leaves. A happy Abutilon can bloom nearly non-stop from spring to fall.

A. megapotamican

Along with all this beautiful color its flowers also attract hummingbirds and other beneficial insects to your garden. There are some varieties that are more cold hardy. The benefit of over wintering your Abutilon is that you get a bigger more vigorous plant the following year.

Some varieties you can find at Portland Nursery include:

A. Megapotamican


Red flowers with yellow petals and purple anthers that blooms summer to fall. 6' tall.

A. Vitifolium


Lavender flowers with soft bluish leaves. 4' tall x 5' wide. Can be over wintered outside with slight protection in colder months.


Showy pendant, bell shaped apricot flowers with red sepals that blooms all season. 5' tall x 4' wide.


Pendulous deep golden ruffled flowers with broad dark maroon eyes that blooms all season. 5' tall x 4' wide.

'Hot pink'

Pendulous pink flowers that blooms all season. 8" tall x 5" wide.

A. 'Nabob'


Deep red flowers with black stems that blooms all season. 3' tall x 3' wide.


Bright white flowers with black stems. 4' tall.

'Strybing Red'

Pendulous red flowers with felt-like dark green leaves that blooms all season. 48" tall x 36" wide.

A. Hybridum 'Savitzii'Hybridum 'Savitzii'

Showy white and green variegated maple like leaves with pendulous apricot flowers that blooms all season. 30" tall x 24" wide.

A. Hybridum 'Voodoo'

Hybridum 'Voodoo'

True red flowers that blooms all summer. 3' tall.

Salvia Varieties

Abutilon 'Fairy Coral Red'

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Family: Malvaceae

Genus: Abutilon

Common Name: Flowering Maple, Chinese Lantern (not to be confused with Physalis), and Indian Mallow

Origin: Species come from South or Central America, Australia, and Africa.

Culture: This genus enjoys having light shade to full sun. Its bell shaped flowers range in color from white through pink, and from yellow to orange all the way to a deep bronzy red. Its leaves are palmate like a maple hence the common name 'Flowering Maple'. In our climate it is mostly grown as an annual but it is possible to over winter them in a protected spot like a porch or by bringing them inside during the colder months.

Maintenance: Give plenty of water especially on the hottest summer days. Provide good drainage. Fertilizing once a week, during the growing season, will extend the blooms. Plants can be pruned to desired shape and even cut back hard in early spring to control size.

Pests & Diseases: Aphids and slugs can be a challenge for these plants outdoors. When brought indoors they can be susceptible to houseplant pests such as whiteflies, spider mites, scale, and mealybugs. These can be treated with insecticides. Common diseases include root rot, rust, Alternaria and Cercospora leaf spot. These can be controlled by providing good air circulation, keeping the leaves dry and if necessary using a fungicide.

A. x hybridum 'Patrick Synge'

Abutilon × hybridum 'Patrick Synge'


A. 'Melon Sorbet'

Abutilon 'Melon Sorbet'