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Portland Nursery

Bedding Plants for Shade

Fall in love with these classic garden favorites. These reliable beauties are inexpensive and abundantly colorful, making them as perfect for public parks as they are for the home garden. In personal gardens, bedding plants can be tucked into empty spaces to create a swath of color and may also be the very thing you need to fill out a great combination.

  • Add all summer color in dark corners
  • Perfect for large swaths of color
  • Fill in beds while shrubs are growing in.

Our shade bedding plants include:

  • Fiberous Begonia, Bronze or green leaf
  • Coleus, Wizard mix and Black Dragon
  • Impatiens, Accent series
  • Torenia Clown series



Fibrous Begonia, green leaf

Green Leaf Fibrous Begonia

Impatiens, Accent Series

Coleus Hybrid Wizard

Coleus Hypbrid Wizard

Portulaca 'Selby

Torenia Clown Series

Bedding Plant FAQs

How many tray packs do I need?

All bedding plants have a height and width on the tag. To figure trays needed.

Planting area divided by the width of the plant= number of plants needed. Divide this number by 6 for number of tray packs needed.

How come my Impatiens are wilting?

Impatiens and Coleus are very sensitive to cold, a light frost can kill them in early spring. Impatiens and Coleus can also rot if they are over watered.

Can these grow in sun?

Fiberous Begonias and Impatiens can grow in full sun if they receive enough water. Impatiens may burn in the hottest part of the summer.