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Begonias offer a cornucopia of ornate foliage, flower forms and intense colors for areas with shade to full sun.

Begonia FAQs

Which begonias can grow in full sun?

Many begonias will do just fine in full sun. The bedding plant fibrous begonias, Dragon Wing Begonias and Bonfire Begonias handle full sun best.

When to water and fertilize

Begonias like to get mostly dry between waterings. They will perform at their best with monthly fertilizing or an application of a slow release fertilizer at planting time.

Overwintering begonias?

Begonias can spend the winter indoors as houseplants in a bright window with minimal water. Tuberous and Bonfire begonias can be stored in a basement or garage for the winter.


Dragon Wing Begonias

  • Easy!
  • Grows in full sun to part shade
  • Large waxy leaves create a tropical look
  • Prolific flowers in pink or red
  • Colorful houseplants


Rex Begonias

  • Fantastic foliage colors, textures and shapes
  • Lush tropical look that adds zest to any combination or alone in a pot.
  • Great houseplants for low light


Tuberous Begonias

  • Amazing, fluffy flowers in a wide range of colors
  • Low maintenance requiring little water and fertilizer
  • Versatile - great in pots, hanging baskets, window boxes and in ground
  • Edible flowers
  • Easy to overwinter


Unique Begonias

  • Bonfire begonias and relatives give an elegant look to any container
  • Fuchsia begonias have unique small shiny leaves, prolific pink flowers and bloom early
  • Begonia luxurians adds a distinctive tropical texture and reaches 3-5' tall in a single season.
  • Doublet begonias have darling double flowers on top of shiny dark leaves
  • Rieger Begonias have rosebud-style flowers that come in a wide array of colors.