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Portland Nursery

Geranium (Pelargonium)

Fantastic, brightly colored blooms and foliage that thrive in a wide range of situations. They do best in full sun to partial shade, and bloom all summer when spent blooms are removed.

Schoene Helena


  • Reliable, big blooms
  • Heat-loving
  • Easy
  • Favorites include Tango Bright Red, Schoene Helena
Geranium Burgundy Bicolor


  • Hanging basket and window boxes
  • Easy
  • Shade tolerant
  • Favorites include Cascade Bright Red, Contessa Burgundy Bicolor
Geranium Tricolor

Fancy Leaf & Martha Washington

  • Early spring color
  • Marthas also make great house plants
  • Easy
  • Favorites: Vancouver Centennial, Occold Shield, Tricolor, Regal series
Geranium 'Prince Rupert'


  • So fun to rub and smell!
  • Leaves can be used in baking or potpourris
  • Easy houseplants for a southern window
  • Fun leaf shapes
  • Some have exotic and unusual flowers
  • Favorites: Rose, Citronella, Mint, Prince Rupert

Geranium FAQs

What's eating the flower buds of my geraniums?

Geranium bud worm is a common pest on Geraniums. Spray with BT or Spinosad.

How do I overwinter my geraniums?

There several was to keep Geraniums from year to year. First, they can be kept as houseplants in a southern window with only occasional water.

A second method is to cut them back, leaving about 1" of stem above the soil. Then store the plants in a garage or basement for the winter. Allow them to be mostly dry. Come late April or early May bring the plants outdoors if the threat of frost has past.

My Geraniums are leggy and not blooming what is wrong?

If Geranums are in too much shade they may get stretched out (leggy) and blooms are infrequent. Geraniums can be cut back to encourage bushier growth and fertilizing once a month always helps.

Martha W Surfin Red

'Martha W Surfin Red'