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Tender Succulents

Luscious beauties for a architecturally stylish look that is oh so easy! They love the heat and dry feet. No fuss, no muss with these eye-catching plants.

  • Unusual foliage provides fantastic color and texture
  • Super low maintenance
  • Drought tolerant, love heat
  • Fertilize once at planting!
  • Overwinter indoors or take cuttings in fall
  • Versatile - use in pots, hanging baskets, window boxes or in ground
  • Combine great with Agave, Libertia, Gazania, Celosia and so much more!




Succulents and pottery


Tender Succulents



You can find tender succulents at both our locations. Be sure to visit our specialty cactus and succulent house at our Division store!


Tender Succulent Pot

Tender Succulent Pot

Tender Succulent FAQs

Do succulents need a special soil?

Yes. Succulents need a fast draining soil. Use a cactus mix or add some sand to potting soil.

How can I save my plants for next year?

Bring your tender succulents indoors in mid to late October. Position them in a south or west facing window or under a grow light for the winter. Bring them outdoors again in late May. Transition the plants from indoors to outdoors by putting them out for the day and in at night for a week.

You can also take cuttings of your tender succulents to make more for next year and share with friends. Each kind is propagated a little differently, but most are quite easy.

How often should I water my succulents?

Allow succulent plantings to dry out completely between waterings. Overwatering and poorly drained soil are the biggest challenges with succulents.