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Favorite Shade Annuals

There are so many fantastic annuals to choose from so we are presenting our favorites, the ones we think you'd enjoy in your garden!

Acalypha reptans

Acalypha reptans
Trailing Chenille - Spiller

Chenille sports long tassels of red, fuzzy flowers late spring to frost. These compact plants perform well alone in hanging baskets or in combos trailing over the edges of pots. They add an exotic look to any setting including indoors (plus they are fun to pet.)

  • Part sun, shade in the hot afternoon]
  • Moderate water needs
  • Fertilize monthly during the spring and summer
  • Grows 6-12" tall 24" wide

Begonia 'Bonfire'

Begonia 'Bonfire' - Thriller

This easy, low-maintainence annual really packs a punch with bright orange flowers late spring to frost. It can grow in full sun and its full, bushy growth habit makes it ideal for any type of container. They combine with practically anything; try Sweet Potato vine and Coleus for a knockout tropical look.

  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Moderate water needs
  • Fertilize once or twice in the summer
  • Grows 1' tall and wide


Begonia Elegance Million Kisses

Begonia - Dark leafed tuberous - Thriller or Filler

Tuberous begonias are flashy with their large, bright flowers and dark bronze leaves. The combination is drop dead gorgeous. Their bushy upright growth habit makes them perfect for window boxes and edging garden beds. Combine with Lobelia and Bacopa for a sweet hanging basket. (Begonia 'Million Kisses Elegance' pictured here.)

  • Full to part shade
  • Moderate water needs
  • Fertilize once a month
  • Grows 10" tall 9"wide



Coleus 'Kingswood Torch'

Coleus 'Kingswood Torch' -

This is a stunning Coleus, with burgundy leaves and bright magenta centers. The contrast of colors intensifies in full sun. It is a large-growing variety which makes it great alone or as a fantastic thriller. Combine with New Guinea Impatiens and Tradescantia.

  • Full sun or shade
  • Pinch to shape plants
  • Moderate water needs
  • Grows 36-42" tall and wide

  Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost'

Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' -

Masses of small white flowers float on top of small leaves, from late spring to frost. This plant is fluffy in growth habit and offers a delicate texture. It is easy and low maintenance; fantastic for planting under roses and in mixed containers. Combine with Cast Iron Plant and Sweet Potato vine for a clean, distinctive container. Also great with Geraniums and Lobelia.

  • Full sun to full shade
  • Water when top 2" are dry
  • Grows 10-14" tall and wide
Fuchsia 'Autumnale'

Fuchsia 'Autumnale' - Spiller

It is the foliage of this fuchsia that really grabs your attention: bright golden leaves overlaid with orange/pink veins. Single pink and purple flowers attract hummingbirds all summer. Its trailing habit makes it perfect for hanging baskets.

  • Full to part shade
  • Keep evenly moist
  • Fertilize 1-2 times per month
  • Use three plants for a 14" basket
  • Grows 8-10" tall 16" wide

Fuchsia 'Gartenmeister'

Fuchsia 'Gartenmeister'

The combination of dark burgundy foliage and bright salmon, firecracker flowers make this fuchsia a staple in annual containers. Not only does it perform well with minimal care, but it is also a hummingbird magnet! Combine with lighter colors such as variegated Impatiens for eye-popping contrast or dark foliage with orange accents such as bronze sweet potato vine and tuberous begonias for a monochromatic design.

  • Full to part shade
  • Moderate water needs
  • Fertilize at least once a month
  • Grows 18-24" tall 24" wide
Impatiens Painted Paradise

Impatiens 'Painted Paradise' - Thriller or Filler

This series of New Guinea Impatiens sport bright variegated leaves in shades of gold and green with orange highlights. Large flowers come in shades of white, orange, red and pink. This fusion of foliage and flower create a dramatic tropical look for shady areas. Painted Paradise Impatiens blend well with Coleus, Creeping Jenny and Lamium.

  • Full to part shade
  • Moderate water needs
  • Fertilize at least once a month
  • Grows 8-12" tall 12" wide

Perilla 'Magilla Purple'

Perilla 'Magilla Purple' - Filler

An extremely easy to grow and rewarding annual for sun or shade. Perilla 'Magilla' resembles a large leaved burgundy Coleus with a magenta stripe and green accents. Unlike Coleus, Perilla 'Magilla' does not set flower spikes above the foliage, and it is a bit more cold tolerant. It is a fantastic partner with bananas, Purple Fountain grass or Hydrangeas.

  • Full sun to full shade
  • Moderate water needs
  • Treat with a slow release fertilizer at planting time
  • Grows 10-14"tall 14" wide

  Talinum 'Limone'

Talinum 'Limone'
Jewels of Opar - Filler

This gold-foliaged form of Talinum offers a unique succulent look for the shade garden. When the season heats up, the chartreuse rosettes are topped with numerous sprays of tiny magenta, jewel-like berries. They especially make an impact lining borders or in mass plantings and they may reseed for next year too! Combines well with succulents in the sun and Impatiens in the shade.

  • Full sun to part shade
  • Minimal to moderate water needs
  • Fertilize at planting time
  • Grows 15-18" tall 18-24" wide
Torenia, Moon or Summer

Torenia, Moon or Summer Wave series - Spiller

Finally more choices for flowering spillers for shade containers! The newer trailing Torenias offer lovely two-toned, open-mouthed flowers in shades of blue, purple, pink white and yellow. They love the summer heat and combine well with Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost', Bacopa, Geraniums and much more.

  • Part shade to shade
  • Moderate water needs
  • Fertilize once or twice a month
  • Grows 8-10" tall 10-12" wide


Calendar of arrivals

These are general arrival times. Please call us (503) 231-5050 or (503) 788-9000 or check our Facebook page for more details.

February: Early spring annuals such as Ranunculus, Anenome, Sweet Peas and fancy Primula

Early March: Spring annuals start
Geraniums, Snapdragons

March: Annuals such as traypack Snapdragons, tender Fuchsias, basket stuffers and Zonal Geraniums begin to arrive.

April through June: Our most abundant selection of annuals

July and August: Larger sizes, unusual annuals and tropicals.

August through fall: Mums, ornamental peppers and cabbage.

Winter: Pansies, primroses and florist Cyclamen.

Begonia Bellfire

Begonia 'Bellfire'