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Portland Nursery

Indoor and Outdoor Bonsai

The ancient art of Bonsai has been passed down from master to apprentice for many centuries. At Portland Nursery, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the miniature world of Bonsai -- we make it easy for everyone to succeed at this form of containerized planting.


Bonsai at Portland Nursery

Bonsai at Portland Nursery


Enjoy bonsai in the comfort of your home with indoor bonsai plants.

We select plants that are not only interesting in form, but also easy to maintain.

Indoor and outdoor bonsai plants plus all sizes and training styles are available.

We also have a great selection of finished and starter plants of all sizes.

See these brochures to help with Bonsai creation and maintenance:


Outdoor Bonsai

Bonsai - larch

We carry a wide variety of “finished” bonsai—trained and pruned trees planted in decorative pots—for an instant authentic bonsai.

Also available are outdoor bonsai “starts”—plants you can begin training at an early age for a truly personal bonsai experience.


Bonsai Pots

We have a wide selection of sizes, shapes and colors of bonsai pots to customize your bonsai to your personal style.

Bonsai pots

Bonsai pots to choose from:

  • Black plastic posts in many sizes.
  • Korean mica pots are great for trees in training. They are inexpensive, unbreakable and you can drill holes in the sides for anchor points for wiring heavier branches. Plus, they come in many sizes and shapes, including shallow oval trays for group plantings.
  • Glazed and earthen (unglazed) pots from China and Japan in many colors and sizes.


Bonsai trees

Come to either Portland Nursery location and discover or re-discover your passion for Bonsai.

Bonsai Tools

The miniature stature of these plants calls for specialized tools. From concave cutters to branch benders and training wire, we have everything you need.

In our opinion, the Concave Cutter is the primary tool used by bonsai artists. It’s what we recommend to people wanting to get their first specialty bonsai tool. The Concave Cutter is responsible for most pruning cuts on all sizes and types of trees, making clean cuts close to the trunk.

Bonsai tools

The next tool on your list should be a good pair of pruning scissors for quick and accurate maintenance cuts.

Wire cutters are important if you are doing any branch wiring, because simply unwinding a wired tree is quite risky – you can easily break the branch you have worked so hard to shape, or damage fresh buds – with rounded-tip wire cutters de-wiring is quick, safe and easy.

You can build your collection of tools one at a time or cover all bases with a kit in a handy tool roll!

Outdoor Bonsai

Outdoor Bonsai

Also in stock are the other supplies needed for the novice and expert bonsai gardener alike, including cut paste for effective wound healing, training wire in many gauges, drainage netting, and premixed bonsai soil and individual soil ingredients.

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Trees