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Portland Nursery

Container Design

Portland Nursery Container Designs

Transform your patio or deck into a colorful garden oasis! Find great ideas right here for you to create your own patio charmers!


Container designs…

Our staff have created a number of special designs with 'recipe' cards for each one! Build it yourself, or come in and we'll do it for you! A few of the designs are shown above. You'll find all of them on our

Helpful Design Pages

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Need Potting Help?

You choose the plants, we'll do the potting for you.

Find out more about our Potting Service. Visit our Service Page for details.

Container FAQs

How many plants do I need?
Generally a 12" pot can fit six plants (one thriller, two fillers and three spillers). Some varieties are very vigorous and great for large "Lake Oswego style" baskets. Many of these varieties have the word super in the name (for example Superbells, Supertunia, Superbena).

Should I fertilize?
Yes! Annuals look much better if they are fertilized every third watering. Or to simplify, fertilize once a week with a liquid fertilizer. Alternate between an all-purpose and a bloom fertilizer to maximize growth and bloom. The easiest feeding program is to mix a starter fertilizer and slow release fertilizer in the soil at planting time.

Do all these annuals require the same amount of sun and water?
No. All of the sun Thriller, Filler and Spillers will thrive in full sun but some can perform well in partial shade as well. Similarly some annuals are more drought tolerant or water loving than others. Check the details on the plant tag to help match sun and water requirements when putting together combinations.