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Portland Nursery

Fruits and Berries

At Portland Nursery, we bring you a broad selection of fruit bearing trees, shrubs, and vines. Our buyers start ordering in the winter months and by February our stock is filling up. Check out our helpful buyer's lists to see what varieties we are stocking.


Fruits and Berries

We provide our buyers' lists each year so that you can decide on which varieties you would like for your garden. Small Fruits and Berries start arriving in mid-February to mid-March. Call to check if the trees you want are available.


Please note that we buy to our lists but stock can often sell out quickly.

Phone ahead to check stock on a specific fruit.

Fruits and Berries

Fruits and Berries at Portland Nursery

Fruit bearing shrubs

Seaberry 'Russian Orange' Shrub Type Brochures
Blueberries Blueberry Varieties
Bloom schedule
Currants Currant Varieties
Currant Care
Elderberry Elderberry Varieties
Gooseberries Gooseberry Varieties
Gooseberry Care
Goumi berries

Goumi Berry Care
Elaeagnus Feature

Pomegranate Pomegranate Feature
Rhubarb Rhubarb Varieties & Care
Sea Berries Sea Berry Care


Berry brambles and strawberries

Boysenberry Berry Type Brochures
Care & Varieties
Boysenberries Care & Varieties
Raspberries Raspberry Care & Varieties
Strawberries Strawberry Care & Varieties


Fruit Vines

Grapes - Canadice Vine Type Brochures
Table Grapes
Table Grape Care
Table Grape Varieties
Wine Grapes Wine Grape Care
Wine Grape Varieties
Kiwi Kiwi Varieties & Care
Hops Hops Varieties


Fruit bearing trees

Pear Blossom Tree Type Brochures
Apple Apple Rootstocks
Apple Pollination Chart
Disease Resistance
Apple Varieties
Apricot Apricot Varieties
Cherry Cherry Varieties & Care
Citrus Growing Citrus
Fig Fig Varieties & Care
Nectarine Nectarine Care
Peach Care
Pear - Asian Asian Pear Varieties
Plum/Prune Plum and Prune Care
Quince Quince Care


Nut bearing trees

Almond Tree Brochures
Almond Care
Chestnut Care

Filbert Care
Filbert & Hazel Feature

Walnut Care


Seaberry photo Credits to One Green World

Edible Landscape

Do you wish for the kind of yard that provides something to eat around every corner? If so, you are not alone. Edible landscaping is on the rise and Portland Nursery is the place to find everything you need to make your dream a reality.


Plums at Portland Nursery

Common FAQs

Helpful Videos

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Small Fruits

Small Fruits in your garden

Pruning Plums

Pruning Plums

Planting Raspberries

Planting Raspberries

Espaliered Fruit

Espaliered Fruit

Spring Spraying

Spraying Fruits in early spring

Strawberry Choices

Strawberry Choices