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Portland, OR

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Portland Nursery


We love our plants in our gardens and in our homes. We carry a wide range of houseplants including Bonsai, orchids, cacti and succulents. At our Division store, we offer you a huge greenhouse just for our tropicals, another area for cacti and succulents and a broad conservatory area stocked with every other houseplant you'd ever want! If you don't find what you like, ask us!

Spring at Portland Nursery

The world of houseplants is often full of surprises. When your outdoor garden is asleep, brighten the gray days with houseplants. Tending indoor plants is a great way to keep your green thumb happy. If you have a love of tropical, unusual, exotic plants that can't possibly survive outdoors in our climate, you can make a home for some of these beauties inside your home.

From Aloe to Zygopetalum, we cover the alphabet with choices for your home or office; plants for your brightest window or your darkest corner, those that will love the humidity near your shower or prefer a dry, sunny spot. Orchids, succulents, indoor bonsai and cactus. We have them all.

You'll find our featured houseplants below. We carry a great wealth of plants at our Division location. This is only a brief list. If you are interested in Bonsai, be sure to visit our special Bonsai Feature Page.

Wintering Houseplants

Winter is a resting period for most plants. Nights are longer and your indoor plants know it, too. They have far less need for food and water and so you should cut back on both of them accordingly.

Their main growing season is March through September. That is when houseplants want to be fertilized and will take more water. However, gift plants received in winter that are still blooming can use a light fertilizing to maintain and extend the bloom time.

There are always exceptions, of course -- if you have any questions about your particular indoor plant, give us a call or stop by the information desk!