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Rex Begonia Vine

Cissus discolor is a beautiful foliage plant with pearlescent silver toned patterns on green leaves with burgundy undersides.

The tropical vine climbs by its dark red tendrils and can easily be trained on a form, or left to grow in a hanging basket. Will eventually reach heights of 5-6’.

Cissus discolor


Family: Vitidaceae

Genus: Cissus discolor

Common Name: Rex Begonia Vine

Origin: Native to Cambodia, Java

Characteristics: Twining vine with purple leaves marked with silver. Climbs via tendrils and is easily grown on arbors, trellises, or even trees. Makes a nice hanging specimen

Culture: Bright indirect light to some low light.  No direct sun.

Keep the soil on the moist side during late spring through the summer. Enjoys humidity. 

In fall, begin to slow watering to very low water through the dormant winter period.

Best range is between 60-75 degrees.  Should not be subjected to temperatures below 50 degrees.

Propagation: Cuttings in spring or summer

Maintenance: Fertilize once a month during the growing season with a nitrogen focused fertilizer.

Pinch tips control shape during the active growing seasons. Pruning should be done in spring or summer.