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Portland Nursery


We have a wonderful selection of perennials year round with the best selection of a specific perennial when it is in bloom around town.

Spring at Portland Nursery

Perennials at Portland Nursery



  • Come back year after year
  • Beautiful flowers for any growing situation
  • Fill in fast
  • Cut Flowers

Our favorite Perennials

Sun Perennials

Sun loving perennials offer blooms, great foliage, or architectural structure for areas that have full blasting sun, just afternoon sun or sun morning to noon. Whether you have a container to fill or a landscape to decorate we will have a perennial to spice things up.

Shade Perennials

Whether you have morning sun, dappled shade, or full shade you can find a beautiful perennial to fit any type of shade in your garden. Perennials are the perfect partner to shrubs and trees in the shade to help the design flow and add color.


Ferns are one of the quintessential plants characterizing the Pacific Northwest. Whether you have a shady rock wall, moist depression or dark dry place under a tree there is a fern for that spot.

  • Soft, feathery texture addition
  • Staples for all day shade
  • Wonderful in containers and small spaces
  • Many evergreen varieties
  • Low maintenance

Hardy Fuchsias

Portland Nursery carries a wide array of hardy Fuchsias with our peak selection April through October

  • Extremely long blooming
  • Hummingbird magnet
  • Summer and fall flowers for the shade
  • Beautiful array of flower colors
  • Some have gold or variegated foliage too
  • Most can be pruned to fit the spot you have


Portland Nursery carries a wide array of Hostas with our peak selection March through October.

  • Fabulous foliage for almost any situation
  • Smaller varieties are great in containers
  • Some have fragrant flowers
  • Attract hummingbirds

Mix it up with Perennials

Help is Here!

We've put together some excellent handouts for perennials and annuals! Our latest handout is a Perennial Bloom Calendar & Planting Guide which includes a Perennial Calendar, lists of Shade & Sun Perennials, and information on Planting Tender Perennials - all in one document. Download whatever you can use.

Helpful Handouts

Drought tolerant plantings

Shade gardening handout

Ornamental grasses

Plants for hummingbirds

Gardening for butterflies

Cut flowers

Perennials for shade

Perennials for sun

Surround yourself with fragrance

Low maintenance

Designs for parking strip plantings

Coastal plantings


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