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Portland Nursery

Perennials at Portland Nursery

Perennials bring color to
your garden year after year.

We have a wonderful selection of perennials year round, but if you are looking for a specific perennial we will have the best selection when it is in bloom around town.

Perennial Feature



Sun loving perennials offer blooms, great foliage, or architectural structure for areas that have full blasting sun, just afternoon sun or sun morning to noon. Whether you have a container to fill or a landscape to decorate we will have a perennial to spice things up.

Whether you have morning sun, dappled shade, or full shade you can find a beautiful shade perennial to fit any type of shade in your garden. Perennials are the perfect partner to shrubs and trees in the shade to help the design flow and add color.

Ferns are one of the quintessential plants characterizing the Pacific Northwest. Whether you have a shady rock wall, moist depression or dark dry place under a tree there is a fern for that spot.

Trees at Portland Nursery

Help is Here!

We've put together some excellent handouts for perennials and annuals! Our latest handout is a Perennial Bloom Calendar & Planting Guide which includes a Perennial Calendar, lists of Shade & Sun Perennials, and information on Planting Tender Perennials - all in one document. Download whatever you can use.

Perennial Guides

Designing for Four Seasons of Flowers


We've put together a easy-to-read chart to plan a year-round perennial garden.

Our Perennial Bloom Calendar (pdf) for the Portland Area will guide you through the year with a list of common perennials and the months they bloom in!

Handy Perennial Planting Handouts

We have also compiled a list of handouts that can be helpful when trying to fill a spot in your garden.