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GEUM: Avens

Geum is a long blooming member of the rose family which will reward you with flowers in shades of yellow, orange, red, or pink. The flowers are bee magnets and work well as a cut flower. It is a low allergen plant. The foliage ranges from deciduous to evergreen depending on species and conditions.

An excellent addition to rock gardens or as a border, Geum combines well with many sun loving perennials. Also a tincture of Avens is an ingredient in some herbal medicines as a mild sedative. The hybrids below have breed bread for color, disease resistance, and long bloom.

Some of our favorites are:

Geum 'Blazing Sunset'

Blazing Sunset: Evergreen, double flower of scarlet- red, flowers May-Sept., 1” high by 1” wide, sun, zone 5-9

Double Bloody Mary: Evergreen, semi double flower of scarlet-red, flowers May-Sept., 2” high by 2” wide, sun, zone 5.
Eos: Deciduous, gold leaves with orange flowers, flowers in spring, 6-11” high by 10-12” wide, full to part sun, zone 5-8.
Geum 'Fireball'

Fireball: Deciduous, large yellowish- orange flowers, flowers in May-June, 2-3” high, sun, zone 5-9.

Geum 'Lady Stratheden'

Lady Stratheden: Deciduous, yellow flowers, flowers in May-Sept. , 9-12” high by 24” wide, Full to part sun, zone 5.

Geum 'Mango Lassi'

Mango Lassi: Evergreen, double mango-orange flowers, flowers in May-Sept., 1” high by 1” wide, sun, zone 5

Geum 'Marmaladei'

Marmalade: Deciduous, apricot flowers, flowers in May, 12-16” high by 12-16” wide, full sun, zone 5

Geum 'Mrs. Bradshaw'

Mrs. Bradshaw: Deciduous, bright red flowers, flowers in May, 9-12” high by 24” wide, full to part sun, zone 5.

Pumpkin: Evergreen, pumpkin orange flower, flowers May-Sept., 1” high by 1” wide, sun, zone 5.
Geum 'Starker's Magnificum'

Starker’s Magnificum: Deciduous, double orange flower, flowers May-Aug., 18-24” high by 18” wide, full sun, zone 5.

X Ciccineum Borissi: Evergreen, bright orange flower, flowers April-June, 8”high by 10” wide, sun to part shade, zone 5.
Geum 'Marmalade'

Geum 'Marmalade'


Family: Rosaceae

Genus: Geum

Common Name: Avens

Origin: This genus of about 50 herbaceous perennials is very wide spread. It hails from temperate regions of Europe, Asia, North and South America, South Africa, and New Zealand. There are about 6 species native to Oregon though it can be difficult to find them in nursery centers as these native ones can be aggressive spreaders.

Culture: Frost hardy, they prefer sunny, well drained soil but they will grow in just about any condition as long as it is not waterlogged. Generally drought tolerant. Propagate from seed or by division in early spring.

Maintenance: Geum begin to flower less well after a few years and will become free-flowering again only if they are lifted and divided. This is a good time to cut back and discard old woody growth. Division should be done early spring. They can be grown from seed but tend to hybridize readily. Blooming will be extended if flowers are deadheaded.

Pest and Disease: Downy mildew, fungal leaf spot, powdery mildew, spider mites, and root weevils.

Geum 'Leonard's Variety'

Geum 'Leonard's Variety'

Geum avens

Geum avens