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CORYLOPSIS: Winter Hazel

Corylopsis is valued for its early yellow flowers that hang like little lanterns in the late winter. Flowers are borne before foliage emerges in spring. In mild climates they flower at the end of February and in colder regions mid-march to April.

Corylopsis will grow in full sun to shade, protected from strong winds. It grows best in fertile, humus-rich, well drained soils. The sweetly scented flowering branches keep well in a vase.

Corylopsis also makes good bonsai plants, especially C. pauciflora. Grow as a shrub or small tree. They look the best in woodland settings or with evergreen background. Also under plant with early flowering plants such as Helleborus and winter Heathers.


C. glabrescens: Fragrant Winterhazel Flowers are pale yellow, fragrant 1-1/12” long. Grows 8-15’ tall and wide. Zone 5-8.

C. glaucophylla: Japanese Winterhazel Yellow flowers 1” long, good fall color. Grows 8-10’ tall. Zone 5-8.

C. gotiana: Fragrant light yellow flowers. Grows 12’ x 12’. Zone 5-8.

Corylopsis pauciflora

C. pauciflora: Buttercup Winterhazel Grows 4-6’ tall and 6-8’ wide. Fragrant primrose yellow flowers 1- 1-1/4” long This species would be a great choice for smaller gardens. Zone 6-8.

C. platypetala: Fragrant pale yellow flowers. 8-10’ tall and wide. Zone 5-8.

C. sinensis: Light yellow flowers 2” long. Grows 8-10’ tall and wide. Leaves are velvety bluish green. Zone 5. syn. C. willmottiae

Corylopsis spicata

C. spicata: Spike Winterhazel Grows 4-6’ (10’) tall and wider. This attractive shrub forms a thicket of zigzag crooked flexible branches. Fragrant yellow flowers 1-2’ long. New growth emerges purple then matures to bluish green. Zone 5-8.

‘Spring Gold’: Butter yellow flowers. Grows 4-6’ tall. New growth is pink, and slightly woolly.

C. veitchiana: Pale yellow flowers. Grow 6’+ tall and wide.
Zone 5.

C. willmottiae: Willmot Winterhazel
Grows 6-12’ tall and wide. Flowers are fragrant soft greenish yellow 2-3” long. Leaves are rather bluish and soft on the underside. Zone 6-7.

‘Spring Purple’ Light yellow flowers. Grows 6’ tall and wide. Plum young shoots that mature to green. Zone 6.

Cotinus 'Young Lady'

Corylopsis in bloom


Family: Hamamelidaceae

Common Name: Winterhazel

Native: China, Himalayas, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Foliage: Alternate, Simple, ovate with serrated margin.

Flowers: Perfect flowers are produced in late winter in pendulous racemes 3-9 cm long with 5-30 flowers; each flower has five pale yellow petals, 4-9 mm long.

Fruit: The fruit is a dry capsule 10-12 mm long, containing two glossy black seeds.

Twig: Zigzagged twigs with big buds

Bark: Rounded slender, brown.

Size: 4’ to 12’ tall and wide

Light: Sun to shade

Soil: Likes well drained acid soils.

Disease: Almost trouble free.

Hardiness: Zone 5-8

Pruning: The natural form is very attractive and can be ruined by pruning. If it is necessary to prune take old branches out at the base after bloom. Flowers are borne on previous season’s wood.