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Portland Nursery

ACER PALMATUM: Japanese Maple

Portland Nursery is proud to offer a diverse selection of Japanese Maples; upright, dwarf and weeping varieties with leaves of red, green, pink, white or gold, and that is just their color in spring!

The following is a list of some of our favorite upright and weeping varieties. Please call us to learn more about our current selection.

Upright Group

Acer 'Orido Nishiki' ‘Orido Nishiki’
The variegations on this tree are extremely diverse. New spring foliage is bright pink, white, cream and green, sometimes entirely white. This cultivar does not produce as much non variegated foliage as some other forms. It also has a great natural shape. Orido Nishiki will grow to around 15-18’ in 15 – 20 years.

‘Aka Shigitatsu Sawa’
As new bud open the leaves emerge maroon. When fully opened the leaves have green veins with reddish pink and white tones. The color hold very well in spring. In summer they change to a strong greenish color. It is a rare selection and great specimen. Very unusual color combination. Can reach to around 9’ tall and wide.

Acer 'Bloodgood'‘Bloodgood’
Bloodgood has become one of the most popular upright palmatums in the USA and Europe. Great deep dark red foliage can be almost a black red. Color holds well in summer. Can tolerate full sun, like other Japanese Maples afternoon protection is beneficial. Extremely beautiful with light reflecting through the foliage. Grows 15-18’ tall with a broad top with equal spread. In fall the color is bright crimson.
Acer 'Butterfly'‘Butterfly’
Very impressive small leaf form with variegated leaves. The variegation is basically a cream color with bluish to pale green. Sometimes an entire leaf is cream colored. In spring there is noticeable pinkish tinged foliage when leaves first develop. In fall the cream variegation becomes magenta, creating a striking new appearance. It is a small tree to 9-12’ tall semi vase shaped. One of the most desirable of the variegated group.
Acer 'Okagami'‘Okagami’
Beautiful reddish purple new growth. Then they darken to a shiny black red as the leaves mature. Very strong color until summer when some green tones appear. Fall color is a bright red to scarlet. Grows 12’+ vase shaped.
Acer 'Sango Kaku'‘Sango Kaku’
Coral Bark Maple

The Coral Bark Japanese Maple is one of the most outstanding maples. Its brilliant coral bark color in winter can become almost florescent . It is most prominent on the newer wood. Leaves are bright green with reddish margin is spring. Then turn a typical Japanese Maple green in summer and in fall they turn yellow with golden tones. Sango Kaku has a nice thin texture. Grow to around 18’ tall, vase shaped. Great accent tree, it offers size, form and nice seasonal interest.
‘Shishigashira’ – Lions Head Maple
Shishigashira is the perfect patio container tree and very popular for bonsai. Shishigashira translates into lion's head. The fullness of the tree's broadly columnar growth habit, with it's densely layered leaves presents a vivid image of the lion's mane, especially in its autumn coloration. Slow growing to 6-9’ tall and wide
‘Ukigumo’ – Floating Cloud Maple
The leaf color on this attractive cultivar is speckled light shades of green, pink and white. Occasionally leaves are twisted. Very shrubby becoming 6’+ in many years.


Acer palmatum dissectum (Weeping Group)

The dissected foliage of Japanese maple is mostly found on the weeping types, although there are few uprights with cut leaves. Most are rounded shrub types with strong cascading weeping branches. Very old specimens may reach 12’ but it is very rare. They mature more broad than tall.

Acer 'Crimson Queen'‘Crimson Queen’
The best for its persistence of deep red color. Best color in early spring. Crimson Queen will hold deep red throughout growing season. It has been seen to tolerate 100 degree temperatures with practically no sunburn. In fall the deep red will become extremely bright scarlet.
Acer 'Garnet'‘Garnet’
Rich reddish orange leaf, when in shade fades to green, in more sun the garnet color develops well. Vigorous form to around 9’ tall. The plant shapes itself well. Pendulous spreading habit. Retains color well
Acer 'Evered' aka 'Inaba Shidare'‘Evered’ aka ‘Inaba Shidare’
New spring growth has silvery hairs which make the unfolding new growth a little grey. Then the rich deep deep red sets in. Holds its red color much longer than other cultivars, but not as long as Crimson Queen. In shady areas it will prolong the deep red color. Fall color is a rich bright red. Very old specimens have benn seen 12’ tall and as wide.
Acer 'Red Dragon'‘Red Dragon’
Red Dragon is a superior new cultivar from New Zealand. This deep purple-red dissectum keeps its deep color in sun or shade better than any other red dissectum. The young leaves on this cultivar are a bright scarlet color in the spring, becoming dark burgundy as they develop. The rich color holds well until it changes into an outstanding flaming scarlet in the fall. The growth habit is like a dwarf form of Crimson Queen. Red Dragon is a well branched, cascading mound reaching a height of 7-8 ft. in 15 years. It needs some protection from cold wind and summer drought.
Acer 'Seiryu'‘Seiryu’
It is unusual to see an upright dissected Japanese Maple. This green laceleaf form offers a pleasing texture. Foliage is a pleasing bright green. Each leaf is lightly tipped with reddish tones as it emerges in spring. Then they fade to light green in summer. Fall color is spectacular yellow with crinsom tones. Upright growth is strong, but not overly vigorous. Grows to about 12’ tall and vase shaped. Excellent specimen.
Acer 'Tamukeyama'‘Tamukeyama’
Young foliage deep crimson red which matures to purple red and hold color well. Bark and stems are a deep maroon. In 50 -100 years 13’ tall and wide. This cultivar will sunburn in full sun, otherwise a very hardy plant. Grows with a strong cascading habit. Extremely old cultivar listed as early as 1710.
Acer 'Viridis'‘Viridis’
Bright green foliage holds well throughout summer. If exposed to extremely hot conditions foliage tips may burn. Partial sun will keep leaves bright all season. Fall color is spectular with oranges and crimson colors. Strongly cascading with long droopy branches. Very old trees (75-100 years) have been seen 12’ tall and wide.
Acer 'Orido Nishiki'

Acer 'Orido Nishiki'


Family: Aceraceae

Common Name: Japanese Maple

Native: Japan

Foliage: Opposite

Flowers: Small, red to purple, May-June. Stalked Umbles (possibly corymbs)

Fruit: Samara – Whirlybirds / Helicopters

Bark: Purple reddish to green depending on the variety

Size: Weeping forms can be kept low with minimal pruning. Allowed to mature, they can reach 6-12’ over time. Upright types vary. Full size cultivars grow 15-25’ tall. Semi-dwarf and dwarf varieties grow much slower and vary in mature size.

Pruning: Hard pruning should be done in late winter well before bud break. Mild spring and summer pruning can be done.

Light: Best protected from the hottest day sun in mid summer.

Soil: Moist well drained, not wet will tolerate mild acid conditions

Disease: Aphids, bacterial leaf spot, canker and verticillum wilt are problems we see the most.

Hardiness: Zone 5 and 6-8

Acer 'Emperor'

Acer 'Emperor'

Acer 'Sango Kaku'

Acer 'Sango Kaku'

Acer 'Coral Bark

Acer 'Sango Kaku'
Coral Bark