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Nature’s vitamin! Parsley is packed with Iron, vitamins C and A. The high chlorophyll content of the leaves can freshen your breath. A sprig has also been said to aid digestion. A great ingredient in smoothies. An essential herb for flavoring soups, sauces and many other dishes (parsley pesto anyone?).

Parsley is a key ingredient in many Middle Eastern dishes such as tabbouleh, and continues to be a popular garnish. Not only is it attractive on a plate, but it adds great texture and vibrant green to containers and gardens. Try a border of curly parsley and marigolds for something a little different.

Parsley is easy to grow and adaptable to many growing conditions. It is a biennial in our climate, which means it will last 1 ½ years. However if planted in fall it usually bolts (goes to flower) in the spring. The white lacy flowers attract beneficial insects and swallowtail butterflies! Parsley often reseeds in the garden so it is easy to get it naturalized. The seeds also make a tasty seasoning.

Varieties you may find at Portland Nursery:

Curled Parsley

Curled Parsley

An incredibly attractive variety with highly ruffled, bright green leaves.

Italian Parsley

Italian Parsley

Also known as Flat leaf parsley. An often preferred variety due to its ease of chopping and stronger flavor. Typically grows 12-18” tall with flat, deeply divided dark green leaves, that resemble cilantro leaves.

Moss Triple Curled Parsley

Moss Triple Curled Parsley

The leaf texture of this variety is in between the curly and flat leaf varieties. Flavor similar to curly parsley.

Wega Triple Curled Parsley

Wega Triple Curled Parsley

One of the most attractive curly varieties, with lots of branching and an excellent upright habit and uniformity. Finely cut and curled, dark green leaves with mild flavor. Easy harvest.  Versatile and well-suited to containers as well as field production.

Parsley root

Parsley root

Also known as Hamberg parsley. This is variety is grown for the root. Fantastic for flavoring soups and sauces. Generally available in seed at Portland Nursery.


Family: Apiaceae

Genus: Petroselinum crispum

Common Name: Parsley

Origin: temperate Eurasia

Culture: Parsley thrives in full to part sun, well-drained fertile soil and average water. It is a biennial in the Portland area, and grown as an annual in colder climates. Parsley is suitable to grow in containers indoors or out. It can be planted outdoors all year. New plants will need some protection December through February. Seed can be started indoors any time of year, outdoors late March till mid-September.

Harvest: Pick leaves any time of year, by picking the outer, oldest leaves. It is best not to pick all the leaves in one harvest in the cooler months. In warmer months plants can be harvested and regenerated by cutting back the entire plant just above the central growing area.

Pest and Disease: Botrytis, cabbage looper, spider mites.