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5050 SE Stark, 503-231-5050

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Portland, OR

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Portland Nursery

Products Overview

We carry everything the gardener needs for amending soil, fighting slugs, digging holes, fighting insects, and sitting down to enjoy the view.




Whatever you need, you'll find it at Portland Nursery. Our garden amendments include organic and non-organic soil conditioners, insecticides, fungicides, and water conservation materials. Pottery for both indoors and out. Tools for every garden task, including ergonomically designed accessories that lessen the stress to your body, and a number of composters and rain barrels made out of recycled materials.

Become a beekeeper with
Mason Bees!

It’s easy to get started with this native pollinator. The orchard mason bee (Osmia lignaria) is a small solitary bee which lives in thin reeds or holes leftbehind by other insects.

The bees are typically non-stinging and since they don’t live in swarms these bees are easy to keep as “pets," providing excellent pollinating services in early spring.

A great activity for kids too! Pick up a Bee Kit at the nursery and read more about Mason Bees. (Bees are seasonal; read more about availability).

Tools at Portland Nursery

Like a chef's knives, a gardener's tools can be personal and specific in selection, based on a number of factors and preferences. A well-suited tool can make even the most strenuous task in the garden easier and more enjoyable, and can lessen the risk of injury or strained muscles.

Broad selection of tools