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9:00am-6:00pm Daily

5050 SE Stark • 503-231-5050

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Portland Nursery

Garden Containers

Have we got containers! Both our stores have an abundance of sizes, shapes and materials to choose from for all your plant needs.

We have stoneware and galvanized metal; colorful plastic pots and ones made of recycled bamboo; wooden planters and of course an abundance of terra cotta, to name but a few of the offerings.


We have containers for everything from the tiniest bonsai to tall trees and shrubs; special orchid pots to help yours thrive; self-watering pots with their own water-holding reservoir, to keep your water-loving plants happy.


Each store’s selection is unique, so you have double the chance of finding the perfect container!

Stoneware, stoneware, stoneware


The selection of sizes, shapes, colors and patterns just continues to grow, and we are dazzled by each new shipment. Come take a look! (And, if you find one without a drain hole but you'd like one, we can drill it for you in just a few minutes' time)

Bruning Pottery


Bruning Pottery is classic Pacific Northwest style and colors. They come to us from a family-run business in Snohomish, Washington; specializing in high-fire ceramics with elegant glazes they have developed themselves over the years. Additionally, they have introduced a line of more rustic slab pots in natural, minimally-glazed hues.



There is an assortment of shapes and sizes, everything from neutrals and faux terra cotta to neon-bright.

Madison Pots


Sizes from small tabletop to the large black or green or red Madison series for deck or patio.

Ella Self-Watering reservoir pots
Lightweight and recyclable


Rosso Biodegradeable Bamboo Containers


Anderson Nursery Pots

We still carry a wide selection of Anderson nursery pots in a range of sizes. Likewise Western Pulp Pots and Akro-Mills heavyweight plastic containers in brown, terra cotta and dark green.

Potting Services

Do you love potted plants but lack the time or space to put one together? We can help! You choose the plants, we do the potting:

  • Houseplants
  • Hanging baskets
  • Mixed containers
  • Window boxes
  • Shrubs & Trees

Potting service is available from 10:00am to 5:00pm daily.
Prices are based on size of the container.


Recipe Containers


Pick out one of our Container Designs and let us pot it up for you!

We use only the best products to ensure that your plants stay
healthy and blooming all season.

Terra Cotta


Sometimes nothing beats a classic. Terra Cotta is still a favorite, and we have them in lots of shapes and sizes.

Recycle Black Plastic Pots

Don't forget Metro will now take black 'rigid plant pots' for recycling. The pots should be 4 inches or larger and buckets should be 5 gallons or smaller. Be sure to rinse the containers and then put them in your mixed recycling bin.

Far West Fibers, Inc. and Portland Recycling are now accepting rinsed, black plastic pots. Check Far West Fibers for locations and times to drop off your rinsed pots.