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Portland Nursery


"Garden décor is the beautiful application of the practical."

Birds need baths and vines need something to climb on, but there are many unique and creative ways to make that happen, and it’s those details that will give your garden a special intriguing twist, an interesting and inviting addition.

Statuary that compliments your garden, whether contemplative or whimsical, will add year-round interest and textural contrast in your landscape.




Classic wooden Adirondack chairs; round, metal bistro tables made for one or two with chairs to match; curved or formally rectangular concrete benches. However you want to linger in your garden or on your patio, we have the designs and materials to satisfy.



Fountains / Birdbaths

One of the best bird-magnets, next to a feeder, is a bird bath. We carry a multitude of fountains and birdbaths, from classical to modern, concrete to glazed stoneware, free-standing to wall-hanging. No matter if you have a backyard expanse or only a corner available; you'll find attractive sizes and shapes in our garden yards.



Rain Chains

To see the water of our Northwest skies dancing down the length of a rain chain can make all our rain not so bad, after all. Different styles, different metals. Traditionally from Japan and hundreds of years old, a rain chain can capture and display the inevitable Portland weather as a decorative alternative to a downspout. Rainchains disperse rainwater making it more gentle on the surrounding landscape and your house foundation!



Trellises & Arbors

Want something a little more fanciful than a plain wooden trellis? See our elegant metal trellises in various shapes and sizes, along with locally hand-crafted wood arbors to provide an entrance to your garden, or to separate one area from another.



Find Great Statuary

Whimsical or contemplative, animal or architectural, classic or contemporary, the hard surfaces of statuary can lend a beautiful contrast to the plants in your garden, create focal points, or express your personality.