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Portland Nursery


Ask any six gardeners what their favorite tool is, and you might get as many as six different answers!


Like a chef's knives, a gardener's tools can be personal and specific in selection, based on a number of factors and preferences. A well-suited tool can make even the most strenuous task in the garden easier and more enjoyable, and can lessen the risk of injury or strained muscles.


Long handle or short? Heavy or lightweight? For standing or kneeling? Do you have arthritis or other condition that would benefit from specially-cushioned or shaped tools to make tasks more doable? We have a range of tools in many different sizes and shapes to meet every gardener's need.


In addition to our assortment of garden standby shovels, spades, pruners, hoes, trowels and rakes, we also carry kids' tools for the youngest gardeners. We have a wall of gloves in a wide choice of materials and styles to choose from, too. A full line of stakes, twine and other helpful accompaniments round out our tool selection.

Come to one of our locations and maybe discover a new favorite!

Bonsai Tools


We offer a dizzying array of bonsai tools, pots and supplies to satisfy a wide range of need and skill level, from the novice enthusiast to professional bonsai artist. See our feature on Bonsai and come in to either location for bonsai tools.

Specialty Tools


Our tool area is kept stocked with the latest and the best in tools. Specialty pruners and everyday bamboo rakes, we have what you need.

We can also advise you on the latest in tools that are easy on the hands!