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A lot of gardeners have the common chrysanthemums in their garden, but one of the overlooked types of mum is the ‘show’ mum. We visited the growers of some of these beautiful flowers, King’s Mums of Oregon City (503-656-2078). King’s has been growing Chrysanthemums for over 40 years, but recently the growing operation was purchased by Kim and Ray Gray.

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Ray joined us to talk about these ‘show’ flowers and how they are different than those that you find in your local garden center. Ray showed us the show mum that is grown for contests; these mums are protected from the sun, pinched back to just a few blooms and cultivated carefully.

Ray also showed us a couple of varieties that they have in stock at the nursery including Shamrock, Flair, Bill Holden, and Coral Charm. There are tons of different styles of blooms and most make great container flowers for your deck or patio. 

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