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Landscaping and Dogs!

Having a welcoming garden for you and your pet can be a challenge, sometimes. We went to one of the local experts in landscaping, ProGrass (800-776-4727), to get some tips to help you and your pet. Steve walked Judy through a yard to show her some of the things that the pet-owner can do to create a safe pet environment. First we looked at shade areas.

Pets love to lay in the shade on those hot days so provide an area for them to do that. Next, protect your annuals from being damaged by using pots and containers when possible. Because animals like to dig, use a solid fencing that can keep them in and remember to add a base so they can't dig under the fence.

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Hardscaping with stone or brick instead of wood decking will help protect their paws and is lower maintenance for you as well. Also be careful about using edging so they don't cut their paws on that. If you have urine burns in your lawn just use a grass seed and mulch to fill those holes. Finally, pick all-natural or organic products to create a chemical free environment for your pet. If you have any more questions you can contact ProGrass or your local garden center.


(Originally aired on GardenTime TV. See the GardenTime web site for more videos and information about the show)

Dogs in the garden

Landscaping and Dogs

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landscaping and dogs

Landscaping and Dogs

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