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Portland Nursery

Working with Mason Bees

We went into the garden to find the ‘loner’ of the bee world. The Orchard Mason Bee is a wonderful, early spring, pollinator. It will fly in colder weather than its honey-making counterpart. It is also a very busy bee. It can pollinate many more flowers than the honey bee, plus it is much more docile too. It hardly ever stings! The one difference between the 2 varieties? The mason bee is pretty much done pollinating by June 1st and then it heads into hibernation to wait for the next spring to start all over again.

You can also read more about Mason Bees in our Products Area.


We met with Brenda Lee Calvert who is with the Clark County Beekeepers Association. She told us about these industrious bees and how they reproduce. These bees will find holes in the wild to lay their eggs. We have found them laying eggs everywhere including cracks in our house. The best part is that they don’t do any damage to the area where they lay their eggs. Brenda showed us how you can make a Bee Block for them to lay their eggs. She used an untreated 4x4 and drilled 5/16 holes in the wood for them to use. If you are interested in building your own block check out these instructions.

(Originally aired on GardenTime TV. See the GardenTime web site for more videos and information about the show)

Ferns in snow

Mason Bees at Portland Nursery

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Hanging vegetable gardens

Mason bees

Make a Mason Bee Block

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