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Planting Strawberries

One of the great tastes in the garden is fresh strawberries. We find ourselves snacking from the plants during the spring and summer as we are working in the garden. Today William and Judy walked you through the steps for planting strawberries. First we looked at transplanting.

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Most strawberry varieties will produce runners that make new plants. These can be transplanted to create a new and vibrant plant that will produce better than the older mother plant. You want to peal off the roots and just locate one plant and put that in the ground with a transplant fertilizer and water well. You don’t have to bury them too deep. Then Judy showed us how to plant a new plant. You will want to plant the new plants up to the crown, but don’t bury it. It is recommended that you plant new strawberries every 4-6 years so you get plants that produce well.

Judy picked a couple of varieties. One was a June bearing type that will give one (or two) big crops in June. The other variety was a Day-neutral type. This type of plant will bear fruit for the entire growing season, but a much smaller crop. This is a good one for snacking.

To make sure that you have enough to enjoy you should always plant at least a dozen plants. Fertilize when you plant them but then hold off until the fall. If the plant sends out runners, make sure to cut them off or tip them back into the row so they can make more plants in your rows and not spread so much. If you have questions about varieties check with your local garden center.

(Originally aired on GardenTime TV. See the GardenTime web site for more videos and information about the show)


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