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July Tips from OSU's Jan McNeilan

This month we saw the heat return, but that didn't stop the questions for Jan McNeilan. Our garden guru and retired OSU Extension agent is still addressing lingering questions about the past 'wet' spring and its effects on the average gardener. We had heard from a viewer that she was replanting her garden on the 4th of July! Jan said that this is nothing unusual, in fact if you picked the right varieties you can still have a great fall harvest.

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Her recommendations; pick up vegetable starts (plants that are already growing) from your local garden center. If you want to start your plants from seed look for varieties that are quick maturing, 60 days or less. Or you can wait until August and plant your fall and winter garden. If you are going to use seeds make sure they are from a good vendor. Keep track of companies that don't do well in your garden and try a different seed company next year. We then took a look at her hydroponic tomatoes. A month ago we saw her tomatoes after they were just planted in the hydroponic garden from Green Air Products (800-669-2113) She was trying out this product and I think we can say it has been a success so far. Those 6 inch plants are easily over 3 feet tall now and blooming. Truly amazing.

We have also been hearing about organic weed controls and how effective they have been. Jan told us about a product that she has been using that is vinegar and clove oil based. It has been working really well for her, but Jan is quick to caution people about using any product to follow the directions on the label. She has just been using a fine mist and it has been working fine with results within a day. Some gardeners tend to over spray if they don't see quick results and we would caution people to not go overboard, let the product do the work. Finally we talked about fuchsias. If you have fuchsias in hanging baskets you will notice that they form seed pods after the flowers have died off. By removing those seed pods you will get a quicker rebloom and the plant will become more vigorous. All that energy goes back into the formation of new flowers. Also remember to feed your fuchsias often since they need lots of nutrients to continue blooming. More summer gardening tips can be found on the OSU Extension website.

(Originally aired on GardenTime TV. See the GardenTime web site for more videos and information about the show)

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