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June Tips from OSU's Jan McNeilan

It is time for Jan’s tips of the month. Retired OSU Extension Agent, Jan McNeilan joins us to share some of the information she has learned over the years and tips from OSU to help you in the garden. This month we found Jan at her containers on her back patio. She talked to us about the proper care for your containers. It is time to fertilize your containers and fertilize them. First you want to water your pots with regular water before you use fertilizer.

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Look for the water to run out the bottom of the pot to make sure they get lots of water. You should NOT fertilize every time you water, this can build up salts in your container and this will damage your plants. You should also be looking for slugs and treating for them once you see them. Trust us; slugs will make it into your pots, containers and even hanging baskets! We them moved to Jan’s vegetable garden to look at a new layout she is trying this year. Jan went with a ‘square foot garden’ kind of look this year. This means she had wider planting areas and fewer paths in her garden. She also planted fewer plants in 4 foot square areas. This gives plants more space to grow than her old garden.

The plants usually respond by growing more fruit and you get better produce from fewer plants. William and Jan also talked about the importance of good soil! Adding compost and garden mulch will energize your soil and your plants will respond better! If you think it is too late to start a vegetable garden, you are wrong. You can still plant now and have lots of produce by the fall. Check with the OSU extension website or your local garden center to get started.

(Originally aired on GardenTime TV. See the GardenTime web site for more videos and information about the show)

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