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Jan McNeilan's May Gardening Tips

The winter can be tough on plants as well as people. We find this out with our monthly trip to see Jan McNeilan for some tips of the month. Jan took us out into her garden to show us a beautiful rhody that was in full bloom in her garden, but there is a second part to this story. This rhododendron will probably fry in the sun if they don't move it to another part of the garden. It was protected by a big apple tree that was knocked down during a winter storm. That wasn't the only thing that was knocked down.

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They also lost their greenhouse! The old greenhouse took a direct hit from a falling tree limb. Luckily they had 'outbuilding' coverage on their home owner's insurance policy so they were able to replace it and even got a bigger one installed. Inside they had all their seeds planted and growing. It is not too late to get your seeds started.

If you have a greenhouse you can use a seedling heat mat to give them a kick-start or you can just start them in a south facing window in your home. You can then easily transplant them outside later or into bigger pots in just a week or so. For more tips on seed starting check out the OSU Extension website.

(Originally aired on GardenTime TV. See the GardenTime web site for more videos and information about the show)


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