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July Tips from OSU's Jan McNeilan

In July 2007, Jan McNeilan presented her Master Gardener tips from OSU Extension.  First we found a ligularia that was doing quite poorly. The lesson learned was that, no matter how hard you try, some plants will die. Don’t consider yourself a failure. Chalk it up to experience and try another plant! 

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In the vegetable garden, Jan talked about squash blooms.  Some people see the blooms and think that zucchini is on the way. Be careful to not get your hopes up. The first bloom is a male bloom and then come the female blooms and the fruit.

We also saw some spinach that had bolted being replaced by bush beans and lettuce. Finally, we saw how you can mow the tops of your strawberries to get them ready for winter and a better crop next year. For more tips check out the OSU Extension web site!

(Original air date: 7/21/2007 on GardenTime TV. See the GardenTime web site for more videos and information about the show)

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