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Repotting Orchids!

Growing orchids can be very intimidating, especially if they start to out grow their container and need a bigger space. Lori from the Oregon Orchid Society (www.oregonorchidsociety.org, 503-632-4884) joined us to show us how easy it is to repot an orchid. You can repot an orchid to dress it up in a nicer pot or give it more room for growth.

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First of all don’t repot a plant when you first buy it. They are blooming and they don’t like to be messed with while they are blooming. Then we looked at a plant that was at the end of its bloom cycle. This one you could just tear off the old root ball and get the plant down to the good firm healthy roots. Cut off all the stray roots with a scissors.

You will want to sterilize the scissors first. Next prepare the planting mixture. Lori recommends a bark mixture with vermiculite. You can make your mix like Lori or you can buy a good commercial product like the Black Gold Orchid mix. Remember that the orchid likes what we like; a warm room, good water and sunshine. You can finish by cutting off the old bloom which will send all the plant energy to the roots for future growth.

(Originally aired on GardenTime TV. See the GardenTime web site for more videos and information about the show)


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