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Spring tree problems

Your trees had a hard winter! If you don't believe me, just check with Terrill Collier of Collier Arborcare (503-72-ARBOR). Terrill met with Judy to fill her in on a couple of diseases that he has noticed this spring. These diseases are attacking trees that are already stressed from winter.

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The first disease we saw was Brown Blossom Blight on a weeping cherry in SE Portland. This is a fungal disease that is helped along by the wet spring weather that we have. It will cause a die-back of the flowers and leaves and that will weaken the tree over time and cause death of the tree in some cases.

The second tree was a sycamore. This tree also showed signs of disease from Sycamore Anthracnose. It also attacks the leaves and causes die-back. Once again the tree will get weaker and weaker and could eventually die.

Both of these diseases can be treated with sprays in the early spring. Terrill told us that once you see the problem in late spring, it is too late. But once you notice it you can help the tree without spraying by doing selective pruning of the diseased limbs. You will want to always check with a qualified arborist to diagnose any problems or to perform any dangerous maintenance.

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