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Summer tree problems

Summer time brings a variety of pest and disease problems to your landscape trees and shrubs. We met up with Terrill Collier from Collier Arbor Care (503-72ARBOR) to talk about some of the problems he has been finding around town. First we stopped by the Willamette River in downtown Portland to check out the heavy pruning job that was done by a local critter.

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A beaver had cut down some trees and even started working on others along the esplanade. If you live near water you can see this type of damage in your yard. The best way to protect your trees is to wrap a mesh around the trees to protect the bark. Next we saw a bad case of sun scald. This happens when you put the wrong tree in the wrong place.

This one suffered the effects of thin bark, hot sun and reflective pavement. Next we moved to a neighborhood. Various oaks and maples have seen selective limbs dying. We saw that a non-native species of squirrel had stripped the bark off the smaller limbs and that caused the limb to die.

Our final stop put us at a park where we saw trees with rows of holes in their bark. This is damage caused by a bird, the Sap Sucker Woodpecker. It drills holes for sap and then comes back to feed on the bugs that get caught in the sap. We also saw a big glob of dried sap and that turned out to be the Sequoia Pitch Moth. If you are having problems with your trees you can check out the Collier Arbor Care website for more tips and information.

Originally aired on GardenTime TV. See the GardenTime web site for more videos and information about the show)

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