Plan your next garden with us!

"Guests continually comment on the beautiful colors and variety of texture that they all enjoy so much. It's so nice to have bright gold, red and orange colors giving some sparks of cheer to a gray day. And, the birds seem to be loving it as well as there are more around than ever before, including lots of humming birds, juncos, chickadees and towhees that are still hanging around.

"Thanks for sharing your talents and helping us make our back yard a beautiful and peaceful place."

Ken & Sue Newcomb

Let our plant knowledge and gardening experience make your next planting project easier. A design will help make your garden a success by taking the guesswork out of plant selection and placement.

By getting a little dirty, you can save big!

Planting Plans

Measure your yard and take photos We’ll use them to create a custom plan for your garden. Our fees are based solely on your project size. Have us deliver all your plants in one delivery or shop on your own at either of our locations.

Size (sq. ft.) Consultation /Design Fee Minimum Plant Purchase Total
0 - 100 $150 $150 $300
101 - 300 $200 $300 $500
301 - 500 $250 $500 $750
501 - 800 $300 $600 $900
801 - 1000 $350 $700 $1050
1001+ $350+ $700+  

NOTE: Customers may incur a re-design fee for consultation & design help needed due to inaccurate site measurements or site changes.

"We’re putting in the next chunk of our planting plan and I cannot tell you how amazed we are with the selections you made! It’s like a puzzle that is coming together slowly, and I’m so happy with the work you did. I feel like I’m looking out at a little paradise you created with us in mind. When I see folks stop and look, I grin and clutch my coffee mug triumphantly — and we are now an officially certified wildlife habitat!"

Prairie and David

Let's get started...


Print and fill out the Plan Questionnaire.


Be sure to get input from everyone who will live with the garden!

The more information you bring to the table the better your design will suit your needs.


Portland Nursery Landscape Services

  • Sketch out yard or draw out your yard on graph paper so that 1 square = 1’. Indicate north. Write in the measurements in feet. The more measurements the better! If drawing to scale, use 1/8” = 1’.
  • Measure garden beds, existing structures, containers to plant, plants to keep, utility boxes & paths. Show window/door/hose bib placement. Note window sill height from ground.
  • Measure areas where privacy screening is desired and gauge height & width needed.
  • Mark areas that are particularly soggy, dry, sunny, shady, or have poor soil conditions. Indicate views to keep and those to block.


  • Firmly plant your feet & rotate while taking pictures. Print & tape photos to create a panorama. Do this to show all angles of the area.
  • Take photos of views to block, focal points, views you’ll see the most from inside & outside, and close-up of any plants you need identified. Label your photos.
  • Print your photos in color.
  • No printer? Upload & print photos through an online source..


  • Call 503-788-9000 ext. 201 to set up a consultation appointment.
  • Consultations are by appointment only and typically last 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • We prefer to have all adult family members present at the consultation, and no children needing active supervision.
  • Our office is at our Division St location: 9000 SE Division St. 97266
  • Typical turn-around-time is 1-3 weeks depending on the season. Please call 503-788-9000 ext 201 for current turn-around-time for a finished design.


  • Bring your base map with measurements, completed questionnaire and photos.
  • We'll sit down and review your project and calculate your project size.
  • Our design service fees are based solely on your project size.
  • Pay your design fee at the end of the consultation.


  • Our designer will use your site measurements and photographs to create your custom planting plan.
  • Portland Nursery does not install or maintain gardens, however for an additional fee, we can plant your containers purchased from the nursery.


  • Our designs are hand drafted to scale and are accompanied by a plant list to assist in shopping.
  • The planting plans show you what to plant where to best achieve your desired look.
  • We’ll book a return appointment to share your finished garden.
  • We’ll take time to describe your future garden and send you home confident to take on the next steps!
  • At the end of this appointment, you’ll make your minimum plant purchase in the form of a gift card.
  • Gift cards never expire and can be used like cash at our two locations.

"Thanks so much for your input and your great plan! I never would have been able to conceptualize it for myself, and your greater knowledge of plants is really invaluable. I have learned a lot doing the plant buying and planting myself, and it has been so much fun. Now my "cozy" back area looks great and is really useable instead of being an ugly weed plantation.”

Elizabeth Milliken